War of the Worlds: What Happens if Extraterrestrials Invade?

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The Alien Stranger by Bob Ticer presents a novel twist of the first contact trope, thus creating a unique story about an alien invasion that greatly differs from the mainstream.

Humans are extremely and naturally curious creatures. They have this appetite for wanting to know more about the world, especially when it concerns their origins or if there are other similar thinking entities out there in the void of space. That is why discovering aliens has always been a favorite pursuit for humans of all stripes, from scientists to novelists to hobbyists. 

War of the Worlds

Even before H. G. Well’s War of the Worlds, humanity has always been looking up the stars.

Evidence of sapient alien life would be revelatory for the whole of humanity. Religions could be upended and remade new. New faiths could rise up from the turmoil such a discovery would cause. Yet, despite this, the knowledge that there are other thinking and feeling entities out there would rekindle a species-wide hope and motivation that could reshape human civilization for the better.

The existence of aliens would compel humanity’s greatest minds to look at the universe and the miracle of life with a fresh and radical perspective and perhaps answer the age-old question of what humanity’s place in the cosmos is. 

What Happens if Extraterrestrials Invade?

Of course, this is only to speak of the benefits that would come with first contact. However, what would happen if aliens did indeed make contact with humanity and they were invaders? What if they merely wanted to exchange their wealth and technology with the resources found on Earth? Perhaps, despite fears and apprehensions, aliens really were friendly entities, the same as humans, only looking for companions in this large and lonely universe.

A brief examination of these possibilities should be made in earnest.

If Aliens Were Hostile

If aliens were to be hostile and invade Earth, it would undoubtedly cause mass panic and chaos. The thought of beings from another planet coming to take over the world is a terrifying thought. However, humans have proven time and time again that they are resilient and can adapt to any situation. Maybe in the event of an alien invasion, a veritable war of the worlds, governments would come together to form a united front, creating and mobilizing a unified global, with all available resources, and defending the planet.

If Aliens Were Ambiguous

However, if aliens were to come to Earth looking for resources, it would be a different scenario from an invasion. Humanity has been taking advantage of the planet’s natural resources forever, and, as of writing, they are quickly getting depleted. If aliens were to come to Earth asking for a share of the pie, the majority of humanity would probably grow apprehensive about such an arrangement. 

The best case that would happen is that the world’s governments negotiated with the aliens to come to a peaceful resolution. However, if the aliens were unwilling to accept any terms or make a compromise, it would galvanize humanity to adopt a united front. 

If Aliens Were Friendly

Finally, if aliens were to come to Earth as friendly visitors, it would be a wonderful event for both parties. Humans are naturally curious, and the opportunity to communicate with beings from another planet would be immensely welcomed and championed across all sectors of society. The reaction of the general public would be one of excitement and curiosity, although there would still be an undercurrent of anxiety. People would want to learn as much as possible about these visitors from another planet.

The world’s governments would likely try to establish diplomatic relations with the aliens, and scientists would be eager to study them and learn as much as they could about what they could offer. 

If you are looking for a unique story about an alien invasion and first contact, Bob Ticer’s The Alien Stranger can be bought in most major online bookstores.


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