Vagabond by Sean Teneo

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Hi, my name is Sean Teneo and I am a thriller author debuting my first novel, VAGABOND, this November. It is the first book in a series of action thriller epics dubbed THE VAGABOND SAGA. I am honored to be able to share a little bit about my book and myself on the Author’s Lounge.


VAGABOND is a character-driven, action/crime thriller inspired by popular martial arts movies such as The Raid series with an emphasis on strong characters, character development, and a well-paced, engaging narrative. The story follows Lucas Graves as he returns to his hometown in search of a vengeance nearly twenty years in the making. As he fights against all the odds, he begins to feel the tethers of his once lost humanity and comes to face a choice between achieving his vengeance and accepting what it means to truly to be able to live. This novel is a blazing, thrilling story built on a foundation of pulse-pounding action and complex, sophisticated individuals having to make choices in a gritty, contemporary world. 


While VAGABOND is inspired by martial arts action movies, my inspiration began many years ago during my military service. I was at the PX with some squad mates and happened upon the book that would send me down the rabbit hole of reading and eventually seriously considering writing a novel. That book was One Shot by Lee Child and it introduced me to Jack Reacher, crime fiction, and vigilante justice books all in one. Since then, I’ve read most of the Reacher series and have also found my new favorite author, S.A. Cosby, and his southern noir thrillers. After consuming thriller after thriller and feeling the sparks of my own creativity explode into flames, the decision was clear. I started growing the seeds of my idea into what would later become VAGABOND, an action-packed thriller that bucks the trend of mindless action and threadbare plots with an engrossing story and interesting, well-developed characters. 


My target audience is men and women who are both just getting into crime fiction or are already crime fiction aficionados. People who love stories following morally grey characters navigating complex choices set in gritty worlds against the backdrop of action-packed scenes and heart pounding drama. I grew up watching martial arts movies with my father and action movies as an adult and the one thing I always asked myself is why do I have to turn my brain off to enjoy just the action scenes? So VAGABOND is a book for those of us who love action, but also want to be engaged with a well told story and characters we can connect with and enjoy following and rooting for. 


Sean Teneo is 33 years old and is married with two children. When he’s not penning the next great action epic, he enjoys lifting weights in the gym or practicing martial arts in the dojo. He also enjoys hiking through wondrous nature to find that perfect view and traveling to paradises all over the globe writing under the calm of palm trees or the inspiration of an old cathedral. You can find him under his Facebook, Sean Teneo, his TikTok @seanteneothrillerauthor, his Instagram @sean_teneo, and his Twitter @SeanTeneo. 

VAGABOND is available for pre-order now on Amazon:

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  1. Mellisa E

    I am excited to read this. Saw it on my TikTok and now it seems to be everywhere! We could all use a good distraction.


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