“Unsettled Mind”

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Poetry | 2 comments

“Unsettled Mind”

The thoughts are racing through my head
There are many different conversations
Taking place all at once
My mind is unsettled

I hold my head and scream
Because I am tired and frustrated
There is no rest and no peace
I am disenchanted by the lack of success
My mind is unsettled

I am torn between what is real
And what is not
Somehow i find myself
Nestled between good and evil
Battling to remain sane
God, Please take away my pain
And wipe away this stain
My mind is unsettled

What do I have to gain in a world of turmoil?
In a place where only magicians are happy
I have become disillusioned by all this magic
Because nothing is the way it seems
And no one is who they appear to be
My mind is unsettled

My head is full
Engorged from the constant battle
My hair has fallen off
The stress has become unbearable
My eyes are teary and my face weary
My mind is unsettled

I am in a dark place
I hear voices in my head
They become louder every day
I suffer from severe depression
I experience anxiety attacks
I think i have become Bipolar
My mind is unsettled

God, Please help me!
Take me away from this awful place
The pain is too much for me to bear
I don’t want to become a burden to my family
Not even to myself….
Please set me free….
I can’t free myself because
My mind is unsettled


  1. rizza

    What an emotional piece. I don’t say this to a lot of written works but I really felt the author.

    • Emily

      I know right? It seems like the words are really coming from a vulnerable place.


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