Transforming Your Inner Wounds to Inner Healing: Lisare’s The Other Side of Fear

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Life can sometimes suck, and you get hurt, but God is full of healing! This includes inner healing.

Whether you are a pastor’s wife, minister, board member, or individual believer, there are times that you get hurt. None of humanity is exempted.

Look at those past wounds before moving on and trying to start a new life. Find the inner healing and freedom that is available from Jesus through forgiveness.

Book Highlights: The Other Side Of Fear: My Journey Into Perfect Love

This book is about a journey through Inner-healing, being victorious over abuse, crippling fear, and low self-esteem because of knowing and acknowledging the limitless love of God. Author W. Veronica Lisare has discovered freedom, courage, joy, hope, and fulfillment as she embraces her authentic identity as a child of God. Veronica conveys to her readers the intimate details of her journals from an unhappy childhood. There, her life had been nothing but complicated. She got into a loveless marriage, a divorce, the loss of a granddaughter, and a battle with cancer. Then, God had different plans for her as she could secure a nursing job and a career to minister the truth of Jesus Christ’s gospel.

The author’s testimony and the tools she learned spiritually along the journey will inspire all readers to stand up and move through their challenges to God’s perfect love and the other side of fear.

Identifying The Source Of Your Inner Wound

It is essential to know who has hurt you and how. Understand that not every action that causes you pain is unjust. For example, you do not need to forgive your child or spouse for being imperfect, even if their imperfections are inconvenient for you.

To become more precise, you can look carefully at the people in your life—your parents, siblings, spouse, children, peers, coworkers, and even yourself—and rate how much they have pained you. Perhaps they have withheld love or exercised power over you, or maybe they have physically harmed you. These hurts have added to your inner wound and need to be acknowledged. Doing this will give you that light bulb of who needs forgiveness in your life and provide a place to start.

The High Cost Of Unforgiveness

Seldom do people discuss the high price of unforgiveness, but consider the consequences of keeping grudges:

  • The fruit of the Spirit stops working in your life;
  • Hatred or Indifference takes the place of love;
  • You have depression or bitterness instead of gladness;
  • You no longer have perfect peace; you have fear and anxiety instead;
  • Short tempers replace long-suffering.
  • Instead of being kind and tenderhearted, you harden your heart.
  • A payback mentality stains any goodness you may have.
  • The need to demand revenge is lifted instead of having gentleness controlling your life.
  • The need to be justified and correct brings you to a place where you no longer accept responsibility and exercise self-control.

When you do not forgive, then tend to shift the blame to someone else for what is essentially your issue. If humanity harbors unforgiveness in their hearts, then their hearts cannot be healed. It blocks the hand of God because they are not willing to forgive when He is willing to forgive. And so this book of W. Veronica Lisare will help you believe that nothing is so traumatic that it can not be overcome because God forgives, and so do you.

Who Is W. Veronica Lisare?

Veronica ​is a mother, grandmother, retired nurse, and a past missionary who spreads the Word of God whenever possible. She completed a 2-year course at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California, and continues to share what she learned there. Veronica’s Sozo ministry leads many to discover their freedom. Presently, Veronica lives in Kelowna, B.C., where she volunteers at the Pregnancy Care Center, teaches about prayer, and serves as one of the Board of Directors in her church.

Veronica’s first book is the Other Side of Fear: My Journey into Perfect Love. Her inspiration for writing was so that others would be encouraged to depend on God and know that their past does not dictate the outcome of their future. They can live full of confidence and faith and be victorious. Her passion is to convey the spiritual truths she has experienced and learned so that others can be victorious and walk in their divine destinies.***


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