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Tony Antonellis wrote For the Love of God to give insights into how people of different religions perceive deity and the Great Power that connects us all. 

Who is Tony Antonellis?

Tony Antonellis is a faith-based author who was born to an Italian-American and French-American family. Before he became an author, he was a chef, a tractor-trailer driver, and a social worker. He also used to work for Polaroid Corporation. For 20 years, he provided service for people with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses.

He is an alumnus of the Eastern Nazarene College, majoring in Theology and Social Work. Tony pursued his Master’s studies at Bridgewater State University. Since he is interested in religion, his book For the Love of God helps his readers get an insight into the different stands and perspectives of various religious sects.

Tony’s greatest treasure is his family, which includes his wife, children, parents, parents-in-law, and his late collie, Noah.

For the Love of God: An Approach to Peace, Coexistence & Truth

Tony Antonellis wrote his book For the Love of God: An Approach to Peace, Coexistence & Truth, which provides insights into how different religions perceive God and other identities of the Supreme Power.

Tony started the book when he remembered his mom telling him he should never talk about religion in public. He strongly believes that people must talk about it more as everyone is connected with the same Supreme God, just in different names. In this book, he introduces his theory of “God-centeredness.” This theory states that even atheists still have their divine connection to the theists. This idea is thought-provoking, letting people analyze their religious beliefs.

Here are excerpts from the book:

“So far as we know what’s the oldest human activity? More than fifty thousand years ago, our Neanderthal cousins were contemplating their makers in the caves of the Middle East and Europe. They placed flowers on the gravestones of their loved ones and had funeral feats. They cared for disabled members of their communities. They had language, love, compassion, and reason.”

“Capitalism applauds competition, and in some ways, competition can be a good thing. In the area of spirituality, however, the pursuit of truth is different from, say, the more efficient mass production of products in common demand. The search for eternal truths is an enterprise that is fundamental to all.”

“Personally, I’ve never known of a people past or present that have not had an interest in the eternal realm. The questions of how we should live, our values, and what importance this holds in the hierarchy of human activity are universal. We could speak of ultra-conservatives, communist hardliners, religious fundamentalism, and in all fairness, radical liberals to name a few. Whenever the truth takes a back seat to ideas, the result is harmful.”

Tony Antonellis, For the Love of God

Tony Antonellis Breaks Down the Foundations of Religions

In his book, Tony breaks down the important foundations of different religions. With this, readers get acquainted with other areas of religion and connect how these areas are related to their own beliefs. Some religions have the same foundation but with a different epithet.

The author uses this method to let his readers think more about their religious stand and how these symbolistic entities help them in their spiritual journeys.

Takeaway: “God-centeredness”

Tony Antonellis is clear with the theme and direction of his book. He talks about “God-centeredness” in his book, which means that believing in the Greater Power is pluralistic and universal. God-centeredness is what serves as everyone’s common denominator when it comes to religious beliefs.

Even if people are divided into their religious sects, everyone still finds a common ground with the way they believe in a great power to help them with their everyday challenges. His theory does not only talk about the current people of time but also about those who dwelled in the past.

The author’s major aim with this book is to provide an approach to how people can see an angle for peace. He conveys a message that everyone still has the same idea of God, love, peace, values, and more. His book serves as a medium to find connections for people with different directions and beliefs.

Buy the Book Now!

For the Love of God: An Approach to Peace, Coexistence & Truth by Tony Antonellis is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You may also buy the book on the author’s website:


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