To Love The Enemy by Junia Swan

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Inspiration from A Soldier, St. Martin

St. Martin, celebrated annually in Austria and Germany, inspired me to pen “To Love the Enemy.” A returning soldier from the war, Martin encountered a beggar in the cold, prompting him to share his coat. The question lingered: how could one uphold such humanity and yet engage in warfare?

Interestingly, the Martin in my book lived centuries after the historical figure. He, too, relinquished his sword upon embracing Jesus. Unfortunately, in the Roman Catholic Church, the tendency is to elevate good individuals to faultless god-like status. In my narrative, I aim to humanize, emphasizing that he was a man, not a deity. Remember him, but don’t worship him.

The intriguing exploration arises: how does such a man deal with his enemy, especially when that enemy happens to be his wife? This becomes even more profound as the destruction he wrought as a soldier now echoes in his personal life.

To Love The Enemy: When Love Conquers All

In all my literary endeavors, I strive to offer readers fresh perspectives and instill hope amidst life’s challenges. “To Love the Enemy” delves into the complexities of marriage and loyalty. Your spouse can become your “enemy,” complicating matters further when the union began with enmity.

The book illustrates how a marriage can thrive by confronting personal issues, weaknesses, expectations, and pasts. Positive change often commences within oneself. Protagonists Martin and Chaja persist in their seemingly impossible love, leading to something extraordinary. In a nutshell, expect my book to deliver riveting entertainment, addressing profound issues, offering hope for the future, presenting alternative historical perspectives, and telling a profoundly touching story.

A Glimpse About Me

I, Junia Swan, relish surprises, detest well-worn paths, find clichés dull, and delight in reading between the lines. Love, for me, isn’t a fleeting emotion but a transformative force. This belief fuels my exploration of every facet of human existence. I advocate for strong characters with principles as societal role models, firmly believing in positive outcomes.

Born in Salzburg, Austria, I lead an unconventional life, currently residing in Bolivia with my family and a pack of rescued dogs. While my books, now numbering over thirty, draw from my varied experiences, I consider myself a self-publisher at heart. Each book is a labor of love, infused with intricate details.

As an Amazon bestselling author and an All-Star author, my book “Die venezianische Schwester” is a Lovelybooks Readers’ Prize 2022 nominee, published by dp.

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