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Do you want to escape into a fantasy novel written in a faraway land?

Then this is the book for you. For over 600 hundred years this land and their traditions have been undisturbed until tragedy strikes. A group of mercenaries visit Parvery and massacre an entire village for an unknown purpose. The shock waves of this unprecedented event are felt for years to come. One survivor; a young girl is left alive and taken to Hollthen castle where the King and Queen adopt her. This girl who is neither a commoner nor a princess is where the story begins as she struggles to find her place and happiness years on.

The first book in the collection also explains the start of the king’s quest to discover why that awful attack took place in Parvery and introduces one of the mercenaries’ quest to reconcile his part in this attack.  This story is more deeply explored in the second book which should soon have a release date. I have also written three further books for the collection which I am in the process of editing and look forward to releasing in the future.

Parvery is a land divided into nine kingdoms each with its own royal family, culture and industry that defines it. Whether their wealth is in fishing, mining, trees or silks the people of each prize their local resources.

The land is a peaceful place of trade and mutual respect between the kingdoms as they are all governed by the doctrine of kings. This doctrine decides the territories of each kingdom, the laws of the land and the understanding between each kingdom to live in peace with one another. All the kingdoms are tied together by the process of matching where royal princes and princes from different kingdoms intermarry. While this process is governed by choice all royals have a duty to make a noble match. The process of royal matching is explored both in this book and in the books to come but not everyone makes a happy match.

This book is a fantasy romance book for adults and young adult readers.

So, if you enjoy tales of ambiguous moral characters, hidden villains, forbidden love and journeys of redemption all taking place in a royal court then this is the book for you. I was inspired to write this book by the creative freedom to create a whole world. Some of my favourite fantasy and Sci-Fi authors have created incredible in-depth worlds for their stories and I wished to do the same. I highly enjoyed deciding all the facets and details of my created world. Another feature you will see in my book is fantasy artwork accompanying the story. I believe art and books complement each other and chose to commission artwork for my book.

I am an independently published author who has been writing since I was a teenager but this is my first published book. I am also dyslexic but despite my learning difficulties I have always loved reading and making up stories. I chose to follow my passion by attending university and studying creative writing and now I write books in my spare time. I wanted to share my love of books and writing with others which is why I was thrilled to be asked by Readers Magnet to join their Author’s Lounge to connect with other readers and authors. I currently live in Durham in the North East of England with my husband and two young children. I work for the NHS as a receptionist.

Want to know more about myself or my book then please check out my website Rowena Redman Author or follow me on Twitter Rowena Redman. I am also on Facebook and Instagram. Better still buy my book and try it for yourself Kingdoms of Parvery; The Survivor. Please remember to leave a review once you have read it, even if it is only a few lines on Amazon or Goodreads. Reviews are so vital to authors like me and it is a great way you can show your support.


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