Things That Makes Life a Living Hell and How to Change This

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Many things make life a living hell, like having an unfulfilling job, a toxic family, or even poverty. 

Some things make life a living hell. They say hell is beneath us, underneath this living world or in the afterlife. There are many theories about what hell is like, but sometimes we see injustice, suffering, hardship, poverty, and many more. With the world’s current condition, we may think that life is already a living hell, especially if you are stuck with a job you hate and people you dislike. Some may say that life is what you make it and things could get better. Some may also say that if you think that life is a living hell, it is because you are a pessimist. Let’s be honest: no matter what you do or say, life will test you with many challenges. Life may break us. It just really depends on how we fight to keep on living. This good vs evil story will make readers rethink their choices in life.

“Anthoney’s Return from Hell”

Forgiveness involves consciously releasing negative feelings towards someone who has harmed you, even if they don’t seem to deserve it. In Christianity, forgiveness is defined as pardoning someone who has done wrong to you. The Bible portrays forgiveness as “letting go” of debt, like choosing not to ask for payment. The book “Anthoney’s Return from Hell” by Anthoney Pate explores the concept of God’s forgiveness towards people.

In the book by Anthoney Pate, “Anthoney’s Return from Hell,” sin burdens individuals, leading to regret and unhappiness. Repentance plays a role in dispelling and replacing negative emotions with joy. God has certain expectations for His followers and provides them with guidance. Through Jesus Christ, people are allowed to receive forgiveness by having their sins paid for. Numerous prayers, songs, and books celebrate God’s love and readiness to forgive even the most severe wrongdoers. “Anthoney’s Return from Hell” by Anthoney Pate is an example of a book that illustrates this concept.

Things That Makes Life a Living Hell

Chronic Health Conditions

Health issues can greatly diminish life’s quality. Constant pain and suffering from physical or mental ailments can prevent one from enjoying everyday activities and lead to a sense of helplessness. The ceaseless battle against these conditions can turn life into a painful ordeal.

Socioeconomic Inequalities

inequalities in money and opportunities can exacerbate hardships. Life constantly fights for survival when necessities like education, healthcare, and jobs are out of reach due to economic disparities. Financial instability and societal prejudices combine to make life a continuous struggle.

Loss of A Loved One 

The loss of close relationships can lead to an overwhelming sense of loneliness. This isolation can make life feel empty and devoid of meaning, whether due to the death of loved ones or a lack of social support.

Psychological Distress

Emotional discomfort, such as anxiety, depression, or trauma, can cast a dark shadow over life’s joys. These mental and emotional struggles can make finding happiness in even the simplest pleasures difficult, turning life into a series of uphill battles.

Environmental Degradation

Environmental degradation poses yet another challenge. Climate change, pollution, and resource depletion can disrupt livelihoods and create an atmosphere of uncertainty about the future. The constant struggle to adapt to these changes can make life an endless uphill climb.


pervasive violence and conflict contribute to living in a hellish reality. Whether it’s crime in the streets or wars between nations, violence breeds fear and erodes the sense of safety.

We Deserve to Have a Better Life 

  • Having a better life is possible by adopting a few simple habits.
  • Surround yourself with positivity and stay close to people who uplift you.
  • Set realistic goals and organize them into smaller steps, celebrating each achievement.
  • Take care of your well-being by staying active through activities you enjoy and eating balanced meals.
  • Embrace learning from your mistakes instead of dwelling on them. Let go of grudges and practice forgiveness for your peace.
  • Fifth, make time for hobbies and activities that bring you joy and relaxation.



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