The Winding (Time Corrector Series Book 1) by Avi Datta

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What is your book all about?

Morally complex, orphan, and absolute genius Vincent Abajian is hellbent to uncover all he can on Artificial Intelligence. His relentless pursuit distracts him from a traumatic childhood loss—his childhood best friend Akane was engulfed in a time-turbulence, a random rift in space and time.

 But when a beautiful, temperamental, post-doctoral scientist, Emika Amari, joins his Center, everything changes. Vincent is convinced that Akane is inside the irresistible Emika. As they begin a life together, Vincent’s past and his connection with a time turbulence survivor challenge everything they’ve created and push them into a spiral of politics and conspiracy. Vincent’s silence to protect Emika threatens to tear them apart. Unknowingly, Emika is torn between what she wants and what Akane wants from her. With his newfound power, Vincent struggles with whether or not he should create another time-turbulence to free Emika from the grasp of Akane once and for all. But will tinkering with time be more destructive than anything he has ever encountered before? 

What inspired you to write the book?

In 1994, I dreamed of speaking with a girl fluently in Japanese. But this dream seemed like a past life but set in the future. I ignored it and dived into the world of Calculus, Statistics, and Quantum Mechanics.  When I shut my eyes while listening to my favorite composers—from Chopin to Hans Zimmer, I can picture beautiful scenes of real places that I have never been and never seen on TV. They are almost always in Japan. (I don’t know what connection I have with that land). In 2020, the dream reappeared. And I began to write. That’s the best I can do to touch the fragments of an unlived life.

(the connection of Vincent with Japan becomes clearer in book 2)

What is your target audience for the book?

This is genre-bending, which deals more with human emotions are lives surrounding time turbulence. According to Kirkus (, anyone who enjoyed Time Travellers’ wife may like this. According to Adam wright of Reedsy ( “If you enjoy love stories with a bit of science fiction such as The Time Traveler’s Wife or books like The Great Gatsby this book is an excellent read and well worth the time. If you just love great stories, this is a must-read book. “

What do you hope readers could get out from your book?

I want the readers to be patient with the character Emika. She has been through a lot, and because the story is narrated from Vincent’s POV, her challenges will become evident at the end, and more pronounced in book 2.

And something more about yourself.

I am an Indian-born American Professor. I teach Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation ( I enjoy painting (, experimenting with coffee, and love to listen to Chopin, Liszt, and Pink Floyd. I also collect mechanical watches. I have synesthesia.


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