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Announcing the pivotal new 2014 book about America’s wild horses & burros:


This stirring & amply-illustrated, 313-page book—researched & updated over 7  years—has just been reissued with more detailed Index & expanded References. It fully justifies the existence of America’s magnificent wild horses & burros while countering the biased machinations against them. The author is a wildlife ecologist who possesses a keen love of words & grew up observing these free-roaming animals both on his trusty horse Poco & by foot. The book presents new evidence for horse evolution in North America & describes the horses’ major contributions to soils, plants, animals & humans. Despite being true ecological restorers, for centuries these highly-evolved animals have been unfairly targeted for elimination. Considering their major & long-standing help to humans, it is all the more unjust to blame them for ecological problems people have caused. As always, the wild ones stand ready to help us do the hard work that is now so desperately needed to restore our shared home in the world of Nature.

In vivid detail, The Wild Horse Conspiracy shares the author’s 40+ years of personal experience with the West’s diverse & colorful horse & burro herds that he is committed to preserving. Even though these animals are protected under the 43-year-old Wild Free-Roaming Horses & Burros Act, this law’s pure intent has & continues to be disregarded by the very agencies charged with its enforcement. The book explains 19 crucial points of law that must not continue to be ignored & outlines an urgently needed plan designed to reverse schemes that are causing these wonderful animals’ demise. Ch. IV of this 7 chapter book describes Reserve Design as a wise & caring way to establish naturally self-stabilizing populations, ones that are both viable in the long-term & harmoniously adapted, ecological speaking. Ch. VII especially discusses the vital lesson humanity needs to learn from these equine paragons of nature: how to share the Earth freely & in the process how to restore our own integrity, attunement & even virtue. The book warns of the tragic loss that would occur if these animals are not permitted to live at viable levels in the wild – especially in their evolutionary cradle: North America. This would be tragic for all of life, but the good news is that we can prevent this – & this amazing book shows us both the why & the how.

A 4th generation Nevadan, the author has studied the endangered mountain tapir & is president of the Andean Tapir Fund, a 501 (c) 3 also dedicated to saving wild horses & burros. He is on the IUCN Species Survival Commission, a board member of The Cloud Foundation, & the author of popular & scientific articles & books, including action plans for endangered species. He is fluent in Spanish & enjoys photographing nature & composing music. He is also the proud companion of mustangs: Lightning, a palomino stallion, & curly mare, Princess Diane.

To order this groundbreaking, photo-illustrated book, signed by the author, send $25 (incl. tax & mailing) to Andean Tapir Fund (tax-deductible) or to Craig C. Downer; both at: P.O. Box 456, Minden, NV 89423-456 USA. An enhanced offering of the book with the CD: “Wild Horse Rhapsody” (45 min. of author’s original melodies describing mustang life & performed by gifted pianist Joanne Grauer) goes for $35. CD goes separately for $15. You can purchase with PayPal by pressing Subscribe at: Discounts for > 5 books &/or 5 CDs are available by contacting author at [email protected] or at tel. 775-901-2094. This exciting book can be ordered directly from Amazon as printed or eBook at


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    What an interesting book!

  2. Avril

    This would be the perfect gift for my husband.


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