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Debut: A Gay Teen Romance by Scott Damon is the story of Jason, a star gymnast and school wallflower, whose social life takes a massive turn.

I’ve been a poet for a long time, since college actually when I took a couple creative writing courses. It was a hobby until five years ago when I took it more seriously and began to get my poems published. In recent years, I participated in workshops, read at open mics, and sent my poems off for publication (or the black hole). As I sat in the Authors’ Lounge, and writers around me discussed their struggles and pleasures with writing fiction, it occurred to me that I might have a novel in me.

That’s when Debut: A Gay Teen Romance was born. Being gay, I wanted to craft the kind of story that I like reading. My first novel is about a high school gymnast who is asked to try out for a jungle hero role in the school play. Like many high schoolers, he feels socially awkward at first, but gets thrown into all kinds of social situations quickly in his new role. A boy he has his eye on is cast in the play, so he finally has a chance to connect with him, and an older gentleman from the community also makes his interest known. Things get complicated quickly. This fast read is about Jason sorting through his feelings to figure out what’s most important to him and trying to avoid making so many mistakes that he blows his chances to attain it.

People ask me how autobiographical the novel is. I tell them that many of the scenes are sparked by real-life incidents, but fantasy and imagination take over. Writers aren’t bound by reality or the past, so I’m free to explore what might have happened or alternative escapades. The book definitely represents my interests in theater, camping, romance, and guys.

The book is for teens, young adults, and really readers of all ages. I hope gay people feel a connection, as well as supported and affirmed, and everyone feels empowered to follow their dreams. I try to portray gay people in a positive light, but acknowledge the challenges they face on a daily and long-term basis. There are definitely more stories to come with these boys and others who get their start in this story. I look forward to exploring and showcasing more aspects of life as a gay person. I’d never say never, but right now, I don’t intend to write about any main character who isn’t gay. I lived enough of the gay experience that I believe I can offer insights, or at least recognition and entertainment, to gay readers.

Debut: A Gay Teen Romance is not intended to be a heavy-handed book. Of course, the characters encounter challenges. However, I hope readers feel some sympathy with all of them and enjoy them enough to want to continue reading their adventures in future books. Not everything can be tied up with a neat little bow, but I try to illustrate that problems can be overcome and sometimes it just takes creativity to find the solution that works, at least temporarily.

Other authors say that the best way to promote a book is to get its successor out. This novel has been out a while, so I owe my readers the next installment. I’m eager to get it out and see if readers will lap it up once it’s published.

Personally, I stay very active, love to travel, and find new adventures. These experiences often find their way into my stories. I believe in lifelong learning, so any new lessons are perfect to try to incorporate. I’ve been in love and deep into long relationships, but I’m single now. Maybe I’ll find romance along the way and find my own alternative ending. I’m an optimistic person, so I believe romance and more can be just around the corner for everyone. Sometimes, you just have to be open to it and make the best of the opportunities that arise. Perhaps I’ll write more about my own life down the road, highlighting the ups and downs. In the meantime, we can all live vicariously through the adventures in my stories.

Learn more about the Whitman Highschool Series and more of Scott Damon’s works on his Amazon Author’s page.


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