The Soul of My Eclectic Heart by Shayla René Ivey

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The Soul of My Eclectic Heart: Transparent, Naked and Vulnerable

Do you believe that if people were 100% transparent about their journey in life they would be well respected? Instead of giving the “I am so perfect…I don’t do this and don’t indulge in that.” Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to hear ..” I’m struggling… I need help figuring out life and this is how I truly feel. Birthed from the growing pains, tears, thoughts, and emotions that lie deep within her heart. For years Shayla poured out her heart in journals to keep from bottling up her emotions. Within the past years while on her spiritual journey she was led to share some of her deepest thoughts on various concerns and topics via social media. Not knowing that writing was healing and therapeutic for her she started noticing that she was receiving positive responses due to her voicing what many were afraid to say out of fear that they will be looked down upon and judged. Out of her obedience to God Shayla is sharing her past, present, and future not knowing who it may help, encourage or heal. She prays this blesses you, and hopes it brings you some peace, revelation, and joy. This is Shayla René transparent, naked and vulnerable…This is the Soul of My Eclectic Heart.

About the Author

Florida born but Bama raised. Shayla René Ivey is a fun, out-going, free-spirited Taurus currently residing in Tallahassee, Florida. She is an Alumni of Florida A&M University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Lover of all things art, music and fashion ranging from her kinky fro to the sassy collection of her 6-inch heels, she is on the rise to creating a movement for those who love to walk to the rhythm of their own beat. She loves to travel; attend concerts and at times you can even find her with her head in the clouds writing in her journal at the beach. Shayla loves to share her life through the eyes of an Eclectic Lady as herself on her website where she highlights her adventures through her Eclectic World! So, get your passports and suitcases ready as you take a journey through the life and eyes of Shayla Rene’.


  1. Melissa

    I am touched by her testimony.

    • Miya

      Same here. Being vulnerable is difficult bu she did it wonderfully.


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