The Scarecrow Comes at Midnight

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The Scarecrow Comes at Midnight is a short story meant to rouse the dark sexual fantasies that we bury inside ourselves.

Themed around Halloween night, it blends horror elements with erotica. It is explicit and holds nothing back. The reader may blush, they may gasp, they may look around to make sure no one is watching as the graphic scenes unfold. It is meant to give us an escape from the monotony of our world and, for a short time, release our erotic demons.

I write as Dakota Voss, a pen name that I use for all of my erotica works. Yes, I live a normal life, seem innocent, and am married with two wonderful children. I treat people with kindness and never judge them. To me, everyone is a friend until they prove otherwise. It may not be the wisest policy to live by, but it sure has proven to me to be the happiest. I love to travel. I love meeting new people from all walks of life. Hearing their stories is always inspiring. Many times I’ll lose myself in the mountains to reset my mind. The physical challenges of living in the wild take me back to my basic instincts, where at the end of the day a warm fire may be the greatest thing in the world. From the outside, I am a sweetheart, pleasant and am conventional enough as a mother. People think they know me. But they only know one side.

There is a darkness inside me, in the pits, lurking; the dark demon of my sexual fantasies. I’m not going to get explicit in this article, but there is not much ground that the darkness hasn’t touched. My imagination is wild. I like to test my body. I like to find my limits in sexual pleasure. My writing is fiction, but the sex acts that my characters go through are based much more on reality than you might think. Let’s just say that the body can do some unimaginable things, glorious things; things that take you past ecstasy and into a different dimension of bliss. So I release this dark demon in my writing. I want my books to touch my reader’s deepest and darkest sexual fantasies. I want them to be able to release those feelings as they read my stories, even if it’s just for a little while. If my stories can do that, then I’ve reached my goal.

The Scarecrow Comes at Midnight is a story of a single mother, Mona, who finally gets a night off for Halloween. Her kids were off at their grandparents. But her night starts in shambles when she finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her at the Halloween party. She is distraught, and dissatisfied. She dreams of someone that would treat her well and even ignite the fires of her dark desires. She looks at the scarecrow in front of her house and asks, “Where have all the good men gone?” Two women hiss at her from across the street when they see her in her sultry witch costume and tell her to go inside. That infuriates her, so instead she decides to take a walk around the neighborhood, swaying her hips and enticing salacious thoughts from her neighbors, making all the wives jealous. She doesn’t care anymore, let them say whatever; single mom turned slut. Whatever. When she gets back home, she opens the door and looks inside with a sigh. No slut here, she thinks, just an empty house and a sad mom.

Before entering, she places her hand on the scarecrow’s chest. “I’ll think of you when I make myself come tonight.” She giggles. “Come inside if you get lonely.”

Once inside, Mona hits the couch and falls asleep.

On that Halloween night, a dark force stalks the neighborhood, searching for the wishes of a dissatisfied soul. It is an ancient hunger, and it finds Mona’s house. It possesses the scarecrow and becomes the answer to Mona’s darkest fantasies. What transpires that night is not for the faint of heart.

That’s all I have to say about this book. Happy reading, and remember, we all need a little escape from our reality sometimes.

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By Dakota Voss

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