The Reality Hackers

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Greetings, Fearless Philes!

            A huge thank you to the Author’s Lounge for this awesome opportunity to discuss the realms of possibility.

What would you do? What would you create? Who would you become?

Imagine that you are caught in a cosmos of multiple realities and parallel universes… In that crucible, energy, frequency, and vibration become the keys to unlocking the infinite realms of inspiration, desire, and manifestation.

Welcome to the Legacy Universe, where every myth, legend, short story, and novel brings you one step closer to discovering the truth. The truth of the consciousness that lies inside of every single being on the planet Earth, in the galaxy, and within the multiverse. This macrocosm allows its readers to take a glimpse into their very souls through the narratives of others.

For instance, Saint is the story of Eavanlee Lewis. Her life is turned upside down by two different men. All she ever wanted was love, home, and family. In her quest, she not only finds that her heart’s desire is of her own making, but that she was the only one who could save herself from a reality of without. What reader cannot empathize with her plight?

What is reality? The Reality Hackers tells the tale about a group of scientists who corrupt reality and create a consciousness paradox. One man, Justin Chisum, decides to stand against his former research partner, Bernard Chester, and correct the problem. Justin must find and convince his other partner, Emma Gillespie that her world is inverted as well as his and hopes that she will help him defeat Bernard’s planned ascension, which left unchallenged will create a destructive quantum singularity. Readers are sucked into this scary, fact-based, cutting-edge science fiction true love story.

Hode brings the Robin Hood legend to life. The Twenty-First Century needs a hero. This trilogy of novels based on a hero’s journey through false imprisonment, a new trial, and the calling to a higher purpose fulfills a reader’s need for truth and justice with a side of a bow and arrow. Don’t call it karma; you can call him: Hode.

Werewolves, vampires, magical swords, and heroes of lore have a basis in a mythological root source. The Goblin King ties the werewolf, vampire, and gypsy witches’ stories together like it’s never been seen before in creative writing. This foundation allows for the paranormal, supernatural, and magical to be realized throughout a multibook series.

The Legacy Universe offers readers a new way to envision storytelling. It is not what the writer creates for the reader; it is what the reader discovers about themselves.

Take a journey into the unknown world of your own imagination.

The imagination is the crux of Undawnted: The Official Site of DL Mullan. This author’s locale lets imagination become unpredictable, insatiable, and undeniably… unleashed. DL Mullan’s education in mythology, scriptwriting, and the hero’s journey has birthed a new form of the literary creative experience. Instead of reading stories, the audience becomes immersed with the characters.

Except for one important realization, the cosmos of multiple realities and parallel universes based on energy, frequency, and vibration is the Earth realm that is the real world. This book series takes complicated concepts in the arts and sciences, and breaks them down into a consumable and digestible form. The Legacy Universe is more than a twenty plus publication extravaganza full of different characters, genres, and tales; it is truth in storytelling.

Why limit the imagination? Or, your reality?

Become your own hero…

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  1. DL Mullan

    Again, thank you for this opportunity. I love to discuss creative writing and my Legacy Universe.

    Visit me anytime on Undawnted.

    I hope everyone has a great and wonderful day.

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