The Quest for Family by Jessica Clancy 

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The Quest for Family 

The Quest for Family book will take the reader on a quest as the author Jessica Clancy searches for a sense of belonging and the family she never had growing up. It mirrors the Renaissance era and castle theme as every girl strives to find her prince. Three parts the dark ages subject to the will of others, spiritual renewal and self actualization, and finally redemption the battle is won once she builds her family block by block. 

When  the reader joins the quest they may find themselves in one aspect of the raw honesty as they too dig deep into their own self discovery and healing. 

For those who have suffered from trauma or have felt betrayed in their own lives, there is guidance on forgiving others, creating boundaries and a forgiveness prayer to model. 

By using the forgiveness prayer for themselves it can help lead them to their own freedom. By releasing forgiveness and bitterness it allows God to pour blessings into one’s life as mirrored in the story. It allows  them to live out the purpose and abundance God has created them to be and have in their own lives as they radiate to others. 

Someone who has not experienced trauma or had a stable childhood may say how does this story pertain to me? 

In a world where many people are looking for a sense of acceptance and belonging one may see the need in others and be that support a listening ear or help in a dire time. There is a challenge for readers to recognize the need in others around them and offer a helping hand as we are all joined in one community, one family. 

During a very dark time during the authors life she went to church instead of giving up hope. An elder spoke a word of truth that someday, one day she would write a book that would help many. On April 1, 2023 twenty years later that word became a truth. A truth of hope that kept the author putting one foot in front of the other to keep going, to persevere only to someday help others. Jessica Clancy perseveres as Gods spirit walked her thru the darkness into the light. Into the light as she now helps others, giving back and gives hope to the hopeless. 

Those who have suffered from trauma, live with or know someone who has experienced trauma or anyone who wants to learn more about others trauma and gain empathy to lend a helping hand while  making the world a better place would benefit from this book. 

The author is available for podcast interviews, Q and A, conferences, book clubs, and live video sessions. You may also reach her on to comment and connect with her. 

Jessica Clancy a native Texan who worked professionally at the age of 17 as a cosmetologist for eighteen years while completing her BS in Nutrition from University of Houston. She worked on Oxford street in London through BUNAC, British Universities of North America Club in 1996 and traveled to seventeen European countries. 

She completed her MA in Nutrition, business minor from Sam Houston State University in 2002 studying business in Pueblo, Mexico. Jessica and Adam were licensed foster parents for five years. Jessica has been a registered dietitian since 2008. She cherishes church, family time, traveling and RV camping.

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Jessica Clancy, the  author would like to credit and thank Authors’ Lounge  for the opportunity to share her story in hopes that it will help many.


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