THE MORAL ROD | Gregory Martin McLeod

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The children are the most precious and important Creature walking
this earth, and they need morals taught. I believe that teaching Morals
would start at the blackboard of the Holy Word of God at home, but
school would also be a great place. The Holy Book of Proverbs would
be a great beginning of Moral teaching. I also believe the reason morals
aren’t taught is because of disciple techniques.

My friend, when I was young, the strap across my rear was a great
lesson of moral teaching; and I will never forget it. In the Holy Book
of Proverbs it states the importance and the reason for the strap across
a child’s rear. Now, I am only talking about a child reaching the right
from wrong age, not an innocent infant.

Proverbs 23: 13-14 and it is
written, “Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beastest
him with a rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and
shalt deliver his soul from hell.” I have heard people that would tell me
that thet don’t believe in the rod on a child’s rear end.

They would tell
me that thet take away the video game or such. My friend, that isn’t
what the Word of God says and any parent that doesn’t discipline their
child will be accountable for their child’s soul. This lascivious concept
is spreading this nation like a fire would spread through a dry wheat

I do not believe that the Government should be responsible for
any law passed about the disciplining of our children, but somehow
they are. I believe the greatest reason why there isn’t much disciplining
of children today is, because the parents are afraid of child abuse.

If a blue mark upon a rebellious child’s rear end can send a parent to jail
for child abuse, then what? I guess the parent will not discipline the
child and the child will miss the opportunity to remember the moral rod.

The Apathetical Man
Gregory Martin McLeod
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  1. Ken

    there is so much wisdom in scripture

    • rebecca

      i know right? it’s weird we don’t go to it more


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