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The Meaning of Life is a book about life. Life teaches us that we have many choices or no choice at all. What “The Meaning of Life” does, in a unique way, is go through all the parameters we should use when making decisions and deriving meaning from life.

First, the book starts off by pointing out that none of us are perfect. But that we are all imperfectly imperfect. This is the process of not being perfect all the time. So, what we must realize, in making our decisions and deriving meaning from life is that not all our decisions are going to lead to desired outcomes. We all make mistakes; all we can do is try and learn from them and try to get better.

In chapter two the book points out that in “real life” 1+1 does not equal 2. Because if a man and a woman truly combine and have a baby together that would equal mother + father + baby. 3 people or 1 family. Hence, 1+1 = 3 or 1 or more, but “never” 2 in “real life.” It would only equal 2 if the man, the woman, or the baby leave the relationship and who would want that. Because once a man and a woman “truly” combine (resulting in a baby or not) it will change the way they make decisions and derive meaning from life forever. And in “real life” once you “truly” combine you cannot take it back. And for the record, the sum is always greater than its individual parts. So, 1+1 cannot equal 2.

In chapter three the book discusses how for the world to not just survive but thrive we must all learn how to make sacrifices. We cannot all have everything in life. Therefore, for us to live life to the fullest we must all learn how to make sacrifices. The problem is that not everyone is willing to make the necessary sacrifices so the world can thrive and not just survive. This greatly effects how we make our decisions and derive meaning from life.

The Authors’ lounge recognizes chapter four as the most interesting chapter of the book. Chapter four is entitled: “What is GOD’S salvation? A narration by GOD.” The key to this chapter is that it is narrated by GOD. Therefore, GOD is the student/teacher in this narrative. And maybe we should follow His lead and become student/teachers ourselves. This would be a great way to help us make better decisions and derive meaning from life. And when GOD thanks the author (reader-you), He is thanking you too for even if you have questioned whether He knew what He was doing, at whatever point you stopped He would thank you big time. Because all GOD ever wanted was a world that doesn’t question that He knew what He was doing and would follow Him unconditionally.     

In chapter five the author divides the human being into five distinct parts- the body, the mind, the heart, the soul, and the spirit. The author explains the attributes of each part and how each one of us has strengths and weaknesses. He points out that the universe usually attacks our weakest link. We should all try to maximize the positive effects of our strengths while limiting the negative effects of our weaknesses. And finally, salvation was always meant to be challenging but yet not difficult.

The last three chapters pretty much explain themselves. Chapter six just explains how part of GOD had to be human too. So, we should realize this and follow His lead. The last two chapters are about the rules of “life.” Life without rules is a life without structure and would only lead to more chaos. This, in turn, would make life less meaningful. The Authors’ lounge recognizes that “The Meaning of Life” is a great book that can help anyone discover the parameters for, and how to make better choices in life. If the goal is to establish a purpose; and inner peace and joy in ones’ life, then “The Meaning of Life” is the book to read! After you have read “The Meaning of Life” you will feel encourage that life has a lot more to offer and feel empowered to go get it!


  1. Emily

    At first glance, this book seems too ambitious given what it’s trying to tackle. But it’s actually informative and meaningful.

    • Miya

      I initially avoided buying this book because books like this might be too preachy. I guess this is my go sign.

  2. Kaylee

    the meaning of life is found in God

    • Charito

      life without God is inherently meaningless



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