The Machinist’s Daughter by Georgia Adler

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As a new author, I would like to thank the Authors Lounge for the invitation to write this article and get my story out. My latest book, The Machinist’s Daughter, is very special to me, as it is loosely based on events from my life. 

The book follows the life of Jessie Thomas as she faces betrayal followed by an unimaginable loss. It is a raw look at a woman struggling with grief and is an honest portrayal of pregnancy and motherhood. Jessie grapples with the emotional and physical aspects of recovery after a devastating accident, finding strength deep within herself. As she moves back to her hometown for a fresh start, a stranger begins to terrorize her. She finds comfort in the arms of a new man and begins to rebuild her life. As her stalker’s efforts intensify, the local police department is unable to help, and she finds herself in a fight for her life. This story is a sensual thriller and is not for the faint of heart, but for those willing to experience a roller coaster of emotions, it is a thrilling ride. 

You can find the link to my book here:

It is currently for sale on Amazon and is available on Kindle Unlimited. You can also find the paperback version on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

I live and work in Louisiana and consider myself just a regular person living a normal life. I get up every morning, go to my office job for eight hours, then come home and cook, do laundry, and clean house just like everyone else. My husband and I have five children who are all adults now. My youngest daughter left for college the same year I turned fifty, which is when I started this journey. I have always been a voracious consumer of books, and my empty nest gave me time to finally pursue my dream of writing a novel of my own. I am an introvert at heart and often prefer solitude. So, the hours spent alone at my computer writing and rewriting came easily to me. My brain often has a thousand different tabs open at once, and writing has encouraged me to focus and has also helped channel my thoughts into something worthwhile. The novels I write portray female main characters over the age of forty and their struggles with their lives, aging, and sexual desires. 

I wrote my first three novels solely for the fun of writing, and I have definitely learned a lot along the way. The story of the Machinist’s Daughter was different for me. I needed to write this story. I felt something inside of me trying to claw its way out and onto the paper. It is the story of my life in some ways. I grew up the eldest daughter of a machinist and have experienced many of the same relationship dynamics and personal traumas as Jesse. As I wrote this book, I laughed, sobbed, and experienced every emotion in between. It became my therapist in a way that I cannot put into words. I want this book to be an inspirational experience for those who read it—an encouragement that no matter what happens to you in life, you can find the strength to overcome it and grow. 

I want women, especially, to read this book and realize that we have strength and resilience inside of us that is unmatched—we just have to learn how to tap into it. I write in the genre of erotic thrillers, but this book is much more than that. It is a story of inspiration and encouragement for women; no matter what life throws at us, we are warriors at heart and can overcome and flourish. My target audience is anyone looking for something more than just a spicy book—someone looking for an immersive emotional experience along with the spice of this genre. At the time of this article, The Machinist’s Daughter has reached number eleven in its category, and I would love to see it reach number one to reinforce that the depth of my story and emotional tie to it has really been seen and felt by those who needed it the most. 

Thank you once again to the Authors Lounge for allowing me to write this article. If you would like to follow me for notifications of my upcoming books, you can find the links below.


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