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Any avid reader of Fantasy Fiction coming to The Author’s Lounge will recognize the classic archetypes in my epic novel, The Last Wizard of Eneri Clare.  Something or someone evil is threatening a peaceful kingdom, unleashing chaos, cruelty, and destruction on its denizens.  Heroes must emerge to defend the good and the innocent, and their way of life. We root for them, and eventually they must triumph, although they might struggle, suffer, and endure great sacrifice in the process.

     But how do they win?  By raising an army and going to battle to defeat the despots with swords and axes?  Is war and violence our only default solution for any problem that threatens us on our life’s journey, and, if so, what are we teaching our children about the difference between good and evil, if both resort to lethal force when pressed?

     These were the questions that filled my mind when I first took pen to paper to tell my story.  I wondered if there could not be a way of pushing back the darkness with other, more admirable qualities, like faith, love, compassion, community, creativity, and intellect. Could goodness and cleverness triumph in the end without selling its soul?

     Author’s Lounge now gives me the opportunity to tell you that the result is an epic fantasy of over 600 pages, peopled with dragons, wizards, talking animals, unicorns, bards, and one very feisty water nymph, who band together to save their land from a ruthless usurper, using just those tools!  Our hero, the young wizard Tvrdik, is reluctant, somewhat wounded, and has issues with self-esteem he must overcome.  His partner in the enterprise is Jorelial Rey, a young woman who feels the weight of an entire realm on her shoulders as she takes on the Regency for an infant King.  Her closest companion is Tashroth, wise and ancient dragon, bonded to her from her birth.  Together they assemble a ragtag team of humans, creatures, and magical beings who believe that Love can prevail, and violence is never a solution.   But are they right?    They have a tough time selling the concept to everyone else in their world, as we would in ours.  How they convince all of Eneri Clare to come on board, and how they fare against the powers of evil without traditional weapons, is the crux of the story.

     I have always believed in the power of creativity and Magic; I have spent my life as a classical singer, a songwriter, an intuitive counselor, and a student of spirituality of all sorts.  I started writing this novel with a message, but very soon after I began to write, the characters came alive in my head and told me their tales, their adventures, and their hopes and dreams.  At times I would argue with them and ask why they were doing something in particular, but they would tell me to just shut up and write what they told me!  I, of course, complied.

     I hope you will find the world that has emerged in this book interesting, the characters as lovable and real as they are to me, and their story compelling and fun to read.  And I hope it might challenge you to think about how we as a culture too hastily resort to anger and violence before we attempt other, more positive means of confronting our challenges.

     Those who have read the book are finding it immersive, enjoyable and a real page-turner.  You can read some of their comments here:  and here:   A very positive review from Kirkus also encourages me that this epic is worthy of the reader’s time and attention

     Dear readers, if all of this seems interesting to you, you can buy the book in digital, soft- or hard-covered formats on Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites.  Here is one link:

     You can also visit my website at  and my facebook page at

     I am working on a sequel now dealing with the further adventures of Tvrdik and Jorelial Rey and all of their friends.  I wish to thank Author’s Lounge for giving me the opportunity to introduce The Last Wizard of Eneri Clare to a new audience, one I hope will take a chance on it and come to love the story, the characters, and the message as I do. Love and kindness are the real Magic!


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