The Last Day of Regret By Matthew J. Diaz

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Matthew J. Diaz, the author of, The Last Day of Regret, is a Bible teacher at Northwest Christian School teaching the New Testament Epistles for 11th grade students. He is in charge of student engagement with local missions projects as well as leading one of the school’s several international mission trips. Prior to teaching, he was a student ministry pastor for nearly a decade. He holds his B.S. in Social Studies Secondary Education and his M.A. in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. He currently resides in Phoenix, AZ with his wife and four kids and is available for speaking opportunities. 

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From the Back of the Book:

“I don’t want to live anymore!” my sister admitted to my parents when she was fourteen years old. This cry for help increased with time and I would not fully grasp her inner demons until years after she died. Was it suicide, was it an accident, was it pre-planned or in the moment? At twenty four years of age my sister’s life suddenly ended and all I have left are my broken memories. Why did my compassion stop when she desperately needed it from me? These memories of guilt and the regret that I carry have brought me to my knees. This is a story about God picking me up again after the events leading up to, and following my sister’s last breath.

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