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The LA Times Festival of Books which I visited on Saturday, April 13th 2019, on a beautifully hot day in southern California, was a short, somewhat unreal experience for the novice first time participating author that I am.

I left in a hurry, pretending I will return the next day, and yet, on Palm Sunday, we decided to head back for the Bay area before the traffic started.  In the car, I felt remorse for not returning to hand over more business cards.  Now at home, I decided to write a humoristic poem describing the experience, hoping that ReadersMagnet continued the task for me.

I went to festival of books It was so hot, I was confused…

ReadersMagnet I looked for, I found other booths galore.

201 I’m searching guys, Take free book and ask for signs…

It is hot and I’m in pain Little to pay, so much to gain,

Naïve like an ingenue: Would you like another venue?

Lady’s in red is taking pictures, A man on stage is giving lectures

What is your book called may I ask? “POETRY IN COLOR”

-sisters There it is…accomplished task!

OK-now, what? A lady, starts browsing my book, I stop to take another look.

‘It’s you in picture’ she observes… ‘Oh, yes, it is’-(why stomach nerves?)

They take my picture, give me a satchel Feel hot again, try end the ratchel…

It is not as easy as it looks, To go to festival of books.

Traffic back home, it was surreal, I want to go back – this is for real:

Returning home! -it was so short I wish I took myself to court.

‘How could you leave before it ends?’ …

That’s how it was for me, my friends!

LA Times Festival of Book 2019 Gianina Sipitca
Author Gianina Sipitca at the LA Times Festival of Books 2019 University of South Carolina


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