The Jump by Delanie Tiedemann

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Questioning fate. Reclaiming life decisions. Struggling to live in the present.

The Jump by Delanie Tiedemann is about all these things and more. The Jump by Delanie Tiedemann is also a life-long dream of mine, a publication journey that I feel so lucky to have had and so honoured to share with everyone in the Authors’ Lounge.

The story takes place in a world where everyone gets to take a jump once they turn eighteen to get a glimpse of their past, present or future. When jumpers start disappearing the main character has to figure out why and put jumps back on track.

It explores the dangers of being stuck in the past, distracted in the present, and obsessed about the future, all the while trying desperately to differentiate what you want from what everyone and everything around you is telling you to want.

For me, this struggle is very close to my heart. I found it interesting that many people I came in contact with throughout my life would have opinions about where my life was going, whether I was close to them or not. What are you going to university for? When are you getting married? When are you having children? Or when are you having another child?

Began to question whether I was making my own life decisions because it was what I wanted, or if it was as a response to what people around me were telling me to want. I could be trying to avoid the advice or take it, either way it was influencing my thoughts.

I added my love of time travel to the idea and The Jump was born.

It is essentially a science fiction novel for young adults, but I honestly believe it is relatable to many ages and interests. Anyone who has ever struggled to make a big decision because of the chaos of opinions around them can understand the main themes of the story.

Anyone who has ever yearned to relive a part of their past, to learn more about their future, or to understand something about their present would find the idea of a jump to be intriguing. I, myself, would love to jump to my present and see if the people around me are who I think they are, if I am as happy as I think I am, and if my current life choices are taking me where I want to go.

Some things you can’t know about yourself without an outside perspective, and that is exactly what a jump in the novel allows the characters to do.

I plan to make The Jump a series, I have the sequels in my head already and I am in the midst of building time to write them. I am a new mom and so my time tends to be accounted for, however I am hoping that soon I will be able to find time to start writing again. It was such an accomplishment for me to finish this story, as I tend to get very distracted when I write and move onto another project before finishing the first.

This is the first story I have seen through from beginning to end and I would love to celebrate that with a sequel or two. I left some questions at the end of The Jump that I would love to address and I would like to explore several characters and their journeys further. I’m very grateful to share my writing experience with readers and fellow writers, and to be a part of such a supportive network. I have always loved the arts and have loved to create. I hope to always honour that love and with any luck, help inspire it in others.

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