The Girl With Curly Hair by Kimberly Lewis

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The Girl With Curly Hair is written as a commentary on spiritual warfare. We have to understand that our battle is not against flesh and bone, but against principalities and powers in dark places.

The story starts with two families.

Each one is expecting a new baby very soon. They have a very important calling on their life, especially Thomas. 

The ruler of darkness is very upset, because he knows his kingdom is at risk of losing many souls if Thomas becomes the man he is destined to become. A full assault is launched against Thomas and his family as well as the love of his life Lydia. 

Throughout the story, you will engage characters that are very relatable.

The struggles they encounter as the battlefield of the mind begins will lead you on a journey that will help the reader see how the enemy invades our minds.

Through discernment and guidance from God and his servants, we also have the chance to see how God intervenes in our life. Those gut instincts and still small voices that God uses are guides from the holy spirit.  Read as the characters are put through real life situations and watch as each one is given the opportunity to listen to the lies and deception of the enemy or follow the guidance of the holy spirit. Unfortunately, not everyone makes it out of the story alive.

I thought this was an important element of the story.

I actually cried when I wrote the chapter. We at times as christians have to understand the importance of telling those around us about our struggles and reach out for help when needed. When we battle against strongholds it is very important to not battle alone. 

Everyone has choices to make each day. It is important to use discernment and to be slow in decisions when possible. 

I was inspired to write this book as a path to healing.

Once I became disabled, I suffered with a great deal of depression. Darkness was pressing in and trying to kill me. By writing this book, I was able to remind myself of just how the enemy works. I want to help others who struggle with depression, heartache and grief. 

The target audience is anyone 16 and older.

Although there is some content that may be for 18 and older, I believe it is important for older teens to understand that they have a spiritual battle in their life. We are all created for a purpose, even if that purpose seems small to you, it may be huge to another. 

I want the readers of this book to find the characters so relatable, that they think of people in their own life to share the book with. I hope that a greater awareness of the enemy’s attacks becomes even more evident. I also hope that the reader realizes that even though they may not know their purpose for them at this time, they will realize they are so important.  

This was my first christian fiction novel.

It has five star reviews on Goodreads. I am currently working on my next christian fiction novel, titled Agent of Peace number 386. The story follows current world events and leads the reader into many details of the book of revelation. 

I have been writing for 4 years following a debilitating accident. I use writing to heal and to educate. I have also written Wretched Tears, which is an autobiography of my christian walk. 

The other book I wrote under the last name of James is called The Disappearance of Molly. This story is an educational fiction medical drama. 

All my books are available on Amazon Kindle or paperback.

The Girl With Curly Hair – Kindle edition by Lewis, Kimberly. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @


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