The Gathering | The Quest for the Steel By Paul Hacker

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Let us ask what is essential in life, and the very existence one claims to offer the rest.  Nothing nobler than to wield the mighty arms of war for the culture or clan you have grown to accept as yours.  Only as a child does one really have merit in their words of innocence. Thus, the birth of stories takes hold.  At birth, a child leaves the sheltered hollow of a mother’s womb to a tragic world of Cynicism and degradation.  It is in a story that makes the mind free itself from the grieving thoughts of love, acceptance, hate, and survival.  This is why I love the sparkles of Humanities that exist in each and everyone one of you that walks the earth.

I claim not to be a counselor or teacher, but a simple man who was born with a mind that loves to hear a story.  In my youth, I found love in comic books of all stripes.  Even in the colorful and subtle stories in my Spider-man and Hulk comics, did I find the getaway from the harsh living of an abusive family.  I was not the receiver of such hate and begrudging, but a scared witness to atrocities of the Human Being, and their worth.  My days spent in a financially inept family, lacking in money and value, did I find my way to the unique treasure that laid upon many coffee tables.  I found books!  In a story, I would say the book sought after me, giving me a life of excitement that I would not otherwise have claimed.

Finding Humanities and its value to the human being, gave me the quest to sponged my way through my youth, seeking enlightenment in music, art, and literature.  Born in Northern California in the lush beauty it offers, I spent countless days in the forest and mountains feeding off the mother of us all, mother nature.  I milked her of all her greatness and power she possessed.  I love life and its splendor more than any man that walks the earth, which, again, disposes my connection to people and the scars they leave upon the earth.

In an immediate connection with a supernatural being and its tomes, was my introduction to the ten commandments of youth.  I discovered the DND Roleplaying game and the mustering of tightly knitted friends that come with it.  We created worlds and characters that only movies and books can adore.  Like Moses atop the mountain, DND came to me in a spiritual beam of attraction.  I have begun to understand people, and why they take the journeys they do, I found myself in love with people and the different characters they play in real life.  In my portal of sight, people are characters in a book without freeing themselves of the strapping deeds of everyday life. 

With the birth of my first child did I find that humans are exceptional creatures.  All they needed was some direction and imagination to guide the path.  I found myself wanting to help everyone and anyone to make a better world.  As an adult, I traveled the world as a soldier.  I have seen the unfortunate souls that have not the choice to be where they lay their heads. Witnessing the destruction humans offer on occasions was always countered with the spiritual love that many more would offer.  I have hope for mankind; I say to myself.

It is an aging tree in the suburbs that witnesses the lives that surround it.  The old Oak watches birth, death, displacement, rejoicing, celebrations, and not a smile nor rebuke is offered by the tree.  I found myself being that tree and wanted to provide something for my grandkids and the world to enjoy.  Then I met a friend from New York who wanted to start an Alternative Rock Band.  I boiled the thought in my cauldron of possibilities, then I said, “Hell, why not.”  I taught myself how to play bass, keyboards, and guitar.  From the piece of coal in the shifting mountains sprung the Alternative Rock Band, “Wall of Fiction.”  Mind you, we’re not a professional band in the charts, but we took the pride of making our own music.  The songs of Wall of Fiction will live forever in the world of Humanities.

A gracious young man named Oscar prodded me with the possibility of making a movie.  I put some stock in his insightful willingness, which inspired me to join the quest to make a movie.  We spent countless days with pro bono actors, including me, making the hour and a half film called the Gathering.  Lacking in the logistics and financial assets to produce and direct the movie, we abandoned the project with staff having to find their journey in life.  I enjoyed the attempt to make a film without having the needed knowledge to accomplish it.  I learned the difficulties of attempting such a project.  

Sitting in my dying days of being an elder to the masses, I found the urge to write a book for my grandkids, with them being characters in the book.  Like any project I attempted to accomplish, I found myself in the lacking knowledge to do so.  I researched and walked a trail of how to be an author after I wrote the first book.  I found it…. I found my voice, my tone, my love for writing.  I will always tell any willing candidate to humanities, “just do it, let it rip!”


Paul Hacker



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