Book Feature: The Future Of Medicine Is Lifestyle Medicine

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When people unconsciously neglect their physical health, juggling multiple priorities, lifestyle medicine is the best approach to making things right.

When it comes to healthcare, medical initiatives, and better medicinal compounds only make up a fraction of their effectiveness. These factors have already been achieved with the current progress in society, but why has society remained unhealthy?

Beyond what establishments can provide, people’s deportments have the most influence.

The Evident Decline In People’s Health

In today’s society, where everything is convenient, and lifestyles are suited to be “on the go,” it’s no wonder health is declining. The world is experiencing a chronic disease epidemic. This can be correlated to people’s lifestyle change, with their routines gradually becoming sedentary and food choices unhealthier. People are lazier while consuming less nourishment to support this lifestyle.

Hence, regardless of the advancements in healthcare processes and improvements to medicinal initiatives, people still aren’t provided with more lasting and effective results because their detrimental lifestyles pull these back.

Lifestyle plays a significant role in regulating health. It comprises what people consume and how they spend their days burning or accumulating these nourishments. And while abundant resources are geared to people’s health improvement, only a few follow these pieces of advice.

But nobody can blame them.

Between time constraints or the lack of resources, these suggestions are often a luxury rather than a privilege. This thrusts people into hot waters regarding their health initiatives. It rarely matters how much people want to be healthy when society’s concept and provision of health is also inconvenient.

They’re forced to be reactive instead of being proactive regarding their health concerns.

Preventive care has become a second priority, as people only heighten their concerns when sickness occurs. They’re often careless with their habits and general attitude to health. After all, they have establishments to fall back on for solutions without consideration that their lifestyle choices will still cancel out these services and solutions.

Fortunately, lifestyle medicine has recently been introduced in today’s society.

Lifestyle Medicine In Every Flip Of A Page

The growing library of health-related books reflects people’s need for better healthcare management. These are the accessible solutions for whenever medical initiatives are inconvenient or out of their reach. These resources are commonly geared toward lifestyle medicine rather than providing a step-by-step and technical approach to health resolutions.

Lifestyle medicine encourages people to make small changes in their routines that significantly impact their circumstances. Dr. Daphine Kaniaru’s The Future of Medicine: To Prevent & Reverse Chronic Diseases is a prime example of a resource dealing with this approach. The book details the newest and most efficient method of health improvement, especially chronic diseases: lifestyle medicine.

The book discusses how people can better take control of their health through lifestyle changes. These adjustments may be subtle and lack depth. But these will gradually revolutionize how people perceive health, teaching them practical ways to control their lives. Lifestyle medicine allows people to take control of the changes in their lives, ensuring these are all for the better. This gives them the belief that their diseases won’t doom them. Instead, they can take charge of their life and health.

About Dr. Daphine Kaniaru

If there’s anything the book reminds people of, it’s believing that their genes don’t necessarily have the final say in their health. They can change the outcome of their lives, and it’s all up to the changes they’re willing to make. This is what Dr. Daphine Kaniaru has spent years studying, helping people have control over their health and not easily give up on their journeys toward improvement.

Dr. Daphine Kaniaru, MD, is a certified family and lifestyle medicine physician who focuses on preventing and improving chronic illnesses. She spent years at school, and after researching and studying this scope, she decided to help people in this area.


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