The First Easter Egg by Bert A. Haagenstad 

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The First Easter Egg is a journey of Mr. Bunny on his way to see a miracle of Jesus and his raising from his tomb.

The journey takes him from the forest to the countryside to the desert and all the animal characters he meets along the way, including his friend Shelly the egg. Shelly asks her friend, Mr. Bunny, to paint her so she can be a gift to Jesus. Telling the story in such a way that children will love and understand. The illustrations will come to life in a young mind. It will bring them to one of the most important religious dates in history. You can find my book at “”

I decided to write this book because I wanted to give back to the community.

Sharing my passion for writing and creating is my way to accomplish that. I want this book to be a bedtime story for parents to read to their young children, from 1 year to 7 years of age, and a book that will encourage young children to read for themselves. The introduction in this way will hopefully create interest in the child’s mind to learn more but religion. A child’s mind should be filled with positive images like those in my book. It is my hope that this book will be passed on from generation to generation.

Currently, there is a plan for a TV interview on June 27th. The interview will be with Logan Crawford on Spotlight Network. The date for airing has not been decided yet. Working on book signing events at local bookstores and also working to create a podcast to introduce my book.

I am 63 years old, retired, and finally have time to do my writing. Becoming a published author has been a dream since I was 12 years old.

Over the years I have added several different genres to my interests. My love for dogs has led me to get into dog training for the last 40 years and even volunteer in dog rescue for over 20 years. All I have learned inspires me to create a book on dog training. I find the passion to share adventures and dreams. After joining a writer’s group, I found a fellowship with like-minded people. Together we care, we learn, and we improve our ability to share our gifts. This is what I see as my lifelong goal. There are so many stories to be told, to share. I am one of the lucky ones. I am so grateful.



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