The Disappearance of Molly

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The story of Molly is a commentary on the broken healthcare system in our country.

Molly, after highschool, suffers a terrible accident, when she drives her car over a cliff.  She finds herself in a coma and is fully aware of her surroundings. She becomes a ward of the state due to having no one who can speak for her as power of attorney. Molly is placed in one of the worst nursing facilities in  town. She endures great hardship at the hands of those who are supposed to care for her.  Throughout her story, there are obvious villains and heroes of care. Molly will fight her way back. She will find love, experience heartache, and have to make decisions that she never dreamed she would make. 

From tragedy to triumph, the story of Molly will be one that is not easily forgotten. 

The story of Molly was inspired by the passion I have to educate people on the business of nursing homes. I worked in the healthcare system for over thirty five years. Much of that time was spent in Skilled Nursing facilities as a nursing assistant and then Physical Therapist. I am heart broken by the system in place for caring for the elderly. The beginning of the story is full of information that is unfortunately happening daily in a very broken system. 

The events that surround Molly’s care are based on actual events, although the story itself is fictional.  

The outcome of her story was inspired by my desire for change. I have been a patient advocate for most of my career. After an injury I sustained in an accident, which left me disabled. I need to still have a voice. I need to feel that I am somehow still helping those in need.

I hope the readers of Molly become informed as to what can happen to any of us. I need them to understand the importance of having someone in place to speak for them  if they  can’t.  To know things to look for, if their loved one is in a facility. To feel such emotion, that they would become advocates for the helpless.

The target audience is anyone over 18.

People who have parents that may be going into a facility or an elderly person who is thinking of transitioning to a facility. I believe that someone as young as 18 would benefit from reading Molly’s story to help them understand how poor decisions can change their lives in a moment.

The Disappearance of Molly has five star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. The reviewers all agree that it is a tough story to get through, but is one that needs to be told.

I am currently starting a book that is non-fiction.

It will be a book full of information to help you survive a nursing home. It will  give the reader detailed step by step guidance on how to spot neglect and abuse. It will be informative in all aspects of the Nursing facility from admission to discharge. 

As mentioned earlier I have worked with the elderly for many years. I have fought for their rights and had many confrontations with poor care givers. I believe the elderly are the most priceless people out there. They spend their lives raising families and making friends, however many find themselves alone in the end. To think that our government pays sometimes up to $800 a day to care for the sick and elderly is astounding. To see facilities deny care to pad their pocket is heartbreaking.  

 If you are interested in learning more about things you can do now to help protect your loved one in a skilled nursing facility, please check out my reels on my Momma writes author page. I will be starting live videos discussing many facts that need to be discussed about care and care guidelines in these facilities. 

 Remember to never be afraid to be a voice to help someone. If you are brave enough to read Molly’s story, I believe the impact will be everlasting.


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