The Creator

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The Creator is about the first being ever in existence, a god named Draconian. Draconian becomes lonely in his one man god existence and decides to create a universe full of beings for himself to be friends with.

His ambition is to create a universe full of fun activities for all to do.

Draconian creates billions of worlds full of the species he calls Alaskians. He names his Universe Alaskia. For millions and millions of years, the citizens of Alaskia loved their pleasure filled existence and loved their maker, Draconian. Draconian is a good friend to all who he created and never stops inventing new pleasures for his universe to enjoy. However, in the secret halls of the Universe, jealous utterings begin. Some citizens of Alaskia have grown very jealous of Draconian’s popularity, even though he created them all. The rest of the story is about the consequences of jealousy and how Draconian defends the existence of himself and all the good in the Universe, when a threat looms over them, which spells the destruction of them all.

My inspiration for “The Creator” came from Christian Theology. I based the book on the story of Lucifer, one of God’s creations, leading a third of the angels in heaven into killing God and failing.

They are then banished from Heaven for the rest of eternity. I decided to adapt the story from Christianity into a novel. I decided to write largely from the perspective of the villain, as we usually read most books from the perspective of the good. I based the character Lucian on the character Lucifer from Christianity, also known as Satan and the Devil. His friends Serline, Feraz, and Rozzio are based on the other fallen angels whom Lucifer led to attempt to murder God. I expanded the famous story to become a threat to Draconian’s entire Universe, as opposed to just trying to plan the murder of himself. The villainous characters were ruthless to write about. I decided to delve into the themes of jealousy and envy by adapting the story from Christianity and exploring the villain’s perspective.

My target audience for the ‘The Creator’ is anyone who loves fantasy and sci-fi. It is targeted to any reader who loves delving into new worlds. I hope anyone who enjoys fantasy will try ‘The Creator’ and enjoy reading a story about a god. That being said, I hope any reader who is looking for something new to read tries out my novel for entertainment and pleasure purposes!

I hope readers get enjoyment from reading ‘The Creator.’ I hope they enjoy reading a story about a god building a universe for himself and the threats caused by jealousy later during his reign. I hope readers enjoy reading about the theme of jealousy and envy and what treachery it could lead to. I hope they also enjoy exploring the theme of free will, and the choice to become evil, even when jealous. I hope readers gain wisdom from the story, by understanding the negative emotions that can arise from power.

My future hopes and goals for ‘The Creator’ are for more and more people to read it! I hope the story is enjoyed by millions worldwide!!

As for myself, ‘The Creator’ sparked a passion for writing within myself. I love writing fiction stories! I went on to self-publish the following novels on Amazon: Towns of Darkness, An Anthology of Short Horror Stories, The Desires of an Angel, and a poetry book called Poetry from Other Lands. My most recent publication is a novel called ‘The United Universe Empires of the Gods & Goddesses.’ I hope readers who enjoy ‘The Creator’ also give my other publications a go! Hopefully, I will continue to carry on writing, due to my newfound passion for writing ‘The Creator.’ I hope anyone who reads ‘The Creator’ enjoys it!


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