The Cornerstones of a Successful Life: Working Toward Success

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The Piece-A-Way Crossroads by Gloria Gipson Suggs is more than just a story; it is a treatise on the cornerstones of living a successful life and the means to achieve them.

In Gloria Gipson Suggs’ fictional account of a couple living in Marshall County, Mississippi, Piece-A-Way Crossroads, there is a particular emphasis on education and other cornerstones of a successful life as the means toward living a better life. This is unsurprising, considering that the novel predominantly takes place in the Deep South during the Jim Crow era.

 The Fruits of Success

Success opens doors to new opportunities, enhances personal relationships, and contributes to a more meaningful and enriching existence. The rewards that come with working toward success are numerous and multifaceted:

  • The most tangible and visible aspect of success is often financial rewards; they provide individuals with the means to secure basic needs, pursue passions, and provide for loved ones. 
  • When people achieve their goals, they experience a euphoric sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Personal fulfillment is a wonderful reward because it helps people realize their potential, their skill, and their impact on the world.  
  • Another valuable reward is societal recognition. When people achieve things, they have the respect and admiration of the people around them. This recognition brings about opportunities to further their opportunities and give a sense of belonging.
  • Perhaps the most profound reward of success is a sense of purpose. When individuals successfully pursue their dreams and positively impact the world, they experience a deep understanding of meaning and fulfillment. 

The Cornerstones of a Successful Life

In the pursuit of a fulfilling and successful life, certain qualities are critical for achieving one’s goals. Among these, hard work, perseverance, foresight, and education are pivotal in shaping one’s trajectory and determining the heights one can reach.

Hard Work

The foundation for any endeavor—this is the driving force that transforms fantasies into reality. An unwavering dedication enables individuals to overcome obstacles, persevere through challenges, and ultimately achieve their aspirations. With hard work, even the brightest minds and most talented individuals are able to realize their full potential. The sweat, perseverance, and devotion to excellence separate the merely good from the truly exceptional.


The path to success is rarely smooth or linear (unless you are rich or something). It is often fraught with setbacks, disappointments, and moments of doubt. Those who possess perseverance are resilient when facing obstacles head-on, have the determination to learn from mistakes, and have an unwavering belief in their abilities. They understand that success is not a matter of luck or fate but rather a product of persistence and commitment.


Success is not merely about achieving immediate goals but also about planning for the future, anticipating challenges, and seizing opportunities. The ability to envision the future and make informed decisions today is what is known as foresight. Those with foresight can identify trends, analyze potential risks and rewards, and chart a course that aligns with their long-term goals. Understanding that success is not a destination but rather a journey allows people to make strategic decisions that position them for future success.


Education is a very reliable way forward; it brings opportunity, helping empower individuals to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society. Through education, we acquire knowledge, develop skills, and cultivate critical thinking abilities. In today’s knowledge-driven world, education has become more crucial than ever. This is because it is the foundation with which we build careers, engage in meaningful pursuits, and plan for the future.

Working Toward Success 

These four qualities–hard work, perseverance, foresight, and education—make the cornerstones of a successful life; they are not merely individual virtues but interconnected and complementary. 

  • Hard work provides the foundation for achievement;
  • Perseverance enables individuals to overcome obstacles and setbacks;
  • Foresight guides individuals in making informed decisions and planning for the future and;
  • Education empowers them with knowledge and skills to navigate the world’s complexities.


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