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In the beginning …

It did not start out as a book.
One day I was listening to a eulogy being given for an old mate of mine from the air force who had recently passed. We had held some philosophical discussions in the past … normally after a few libations too many, … and then I heard the speaker say that the deceased had told him something that had left a lasting impression on him (The speaker). I recognized his words as a view that I had shared with the deceased previously, it was to become an important concept in my book.
This made me realize that possibly understanding the concept provides a certain peace of mind to people, it is then that I started capturing my thoughts in writing. I was not too sure what I was going to do with it all but I had this feeling that it was important, somehow bigger than me, and that I needed to apply it to all the big questions of life as there is a thread of logic that runs through everything.
It took some time to collect all the puzzle pieces. (10 years)
The questions of life that I address amongst others are the following:
What is the purpose of life?
Where does the universe come from?
What is time?
Is there life after death?

Self interrogation

To answer these questions I looked first within myself to understand instinctually and in essence what it is that I believed and why. It is during this period of introspection that I realized that the concept of infinite energy and the existence of a continuum tied in with existing science and also with how God is perceived. This was to become my primary driver.
I also had a dream where my father (deceased) showed me a clock. When I woke up, I knew that he was telling me that I need to stop worrying about time. He was right of course as to this day I always worry about getting to an appointment early. It made me think about time and also to try and understand exactly what it is.
This is the only dream I’ve ever had where I felt that there was a message being passed on to me from someone, it’s hard to explain why I felt this but I just knew it.
Only after I had found my own answers to everything, drawing on my logic, intuition and interpretation of reality did I then look at what was already out there, what did science say? What did philosophy say?
I purposely looked within myself first for the answers before seeing how they fitted in to existing ideas so that I would be as authentic as possible.

The main themes of the book and take aways for the reader

1.The Continuum

There is a continuum of energy which is infinite and cannot be destroyed it can only be altered, this means that our life force will have continuity after death, it provides the reader with a certain peace of mind knowing that we do not just cease to exist.

2. Life is by design

An infinite creator is necessary for the creation of our universe and therefore life is by design which means that we exist for a purpose. The existence of an infinite creator flows from (Theme 1)
For the reader this means that his life has purpose and is not a meaningless random event.

3.Free Will

Good vs Evil and free will. I distinguish between good and bad energy and advise what the purpose of life is. Our life is represented by “the test” analogy and is a temporary phase within the continuum.
I provide the analogy of the ultimate chess game where people use their free will to either play a black or a white piece in every action that they take.
This will inform readers that ultimately they are in control of their actions and that every action that they take is meaningful. Whenever they have a decision to make, they can think of the chess game and ask “with my action which piece will I be playing?” Black: (Evil) or White: (Good)

4. Not Mutually Exclusive

Science and God (which I broadly define as an infinite creator) are not mutually exclusive. There is a growing confluence where science points towards an infinite creator and to a continuum of energy. (This flows from themes 1 and 2). To the reader this means that you can support both science and God and do not need to be afraid of questioning for fear that the answer may clash with the reality of an infinite creator.

5. Group Theory

I mention how people are affected by how others perceive them to be based simply by all the groups that they belong to, some of which they have little control over. The take away for the reader here is that by understanding how groups work they will be more careful as to how they evaluate and understand people and that the best way to do this is to walk in their shoes. This theme does not flow from the main themes but it is more about identifying flaws in our thought processes that can influence our way of thinking.
It is an obstacle to unity within humanity.

Who is the book aimed at?

I feel that “The Confluence” can appeal to a wide audience as most people think about life and their existence at some point in time. I believe that the young adult and students at tertiary level who are ready to question everything are the perfect market. With the progression of social media this is the market that is willing and able to make statements and to challenge the norms, they also control social media channels and are influencers. I would say the 20-60 age group is our primary target market and within this segment we are looking for the trend setters and ground breakers, my book is short and challenges a lot of traditional ideas by pairing science and theology together, this requires a market segment that is comfortable challenging traditional norms and establishing new trends and ideas. Leaders not followers.

Young and Old

My target market want to be trendsetters and to be seen to be supporting something fresh, in this regard I have endeavored to be as authentic and unique as possible but also to support my arguments with clear logic, it is how I perceive the reality of our existence.
The relatable takeaway analogy of the ultimate chess game I see as something that could appeal to this market. Have you made any big moves on life’s chess board today? Are you moving a white or a black piece? Who will win the game? How you exercise your free will is important. I use analogies to increase understanding of the subject matter but also to try and make it more fun.
As my book “The Confluence” is short and concise it should appeal to the younger generation who enjoy the precis version of everything. Yet it should also appeal to the older generation as it can provide them with a sense of serenity and peace of mind as well as purpose. We address God only on a cosmological and conceptual level (We do not challenge any religions directly). Essentially, we encourage people to act for the force of good, this should appeal to people who are often themselves more vulnerable, it is a message of hope. Death is not the end … there is more, we exist within a continuum.

Goals for my book

I was unaware of just how competitive the book market currently is until I recently entered it as a writer. It is incredibly difficult to make people even aware that you or your book exist let alone worry about how people will perceive your work.
I will try my best to reach as many people as possible with my message and hopefully to provide those that I reach with some hope and with some peace of mind.
It has taken me over 10 years to write and I have read and reread every word of what I have written numerous times to ensure that it accurately conveys what I want it to say. I am comfortable that my concise wording represents my interpretation of and my answers to the big questions of life.
Whatever ultimately happens to my book, it has given me the opportunity to express my thoughts and my reasoning and it is a way to create a legacy and reach people beyond the confines of my mortality, this aspect becomes important when the message is greater than the messenger. To conclude my thanks go out to ReadersMagnet for affording me this opportunity to promote “The Confluence” on this platform.

A little about me

I was born in Durban in South Africa and was a banker by trade, later becoming an entrepreneur to promote my patented business communication software concept. The concept then morphed to require an involvement with local pastoral fraternities.
This provided an environment for introspection and to approach the big questions of life.
It was the start of a process of deep thought and of capturing the answers that I found to everything, the perfect environment to start writing my first book.
I have a Business Management Diploma obtained at Technikon Natal but currently live in the UK after relocating in 2015, when inspired I dabble in writing, painting with acrylics and the odd basic DIY project.

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