The Blueberry Bull by Helaine E. Schechtman

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THE BLUEBERRY BULL is a true story based on a little adventure my dad, Ted Eisenberg, had in the 1920’s while picking blueberries in his home town of Lee, Massachusetts.

My dad, one of seven children, had settled with his parents, who arrived in this country from Russia, in the Berkshires in the early 1900’s. My grandfather would spend part of his time in New York City working as a tailor and then go home to farm in the Berkshires, where my grandmother would stay raising all the children.

As a little girl, my dad would always tell me the story which I loved, and in turn, told my daughters and now my grandkids. My main motivation in writing and illustrating this book was to honor my terrific dad and to share the story with so many more, both children and adults.

One day in the summer, Little Teddy and his brother Moe decided to pick blueberries for their mom who wanted to make a pie for the family.

She made great pies. They had a very successful day picking and it was time to go home. With buckets loaded with berries, they decided to take a shortcut across a field since the berries were quite heavy and that would greatly shorten their return trip home.

Much to their surprise, while crossing the field, they encountered a hungry bull who decided to chase them across the field. The bull’s eyes were on those juicy ripe blueberries. Teddy and Moe had no choice. Their only option was to quickly climb a nearby tree leaving their buckets of berries at the base of the tree. That made for one very happy bull as he decided to eat all the berries. With a very full belly, the bull wanted nothing more than to take a little afternoon  nap.

So eventually Teddy and Moe were able to climb down out of the tree and they ran home as fast as they could- empty handed! But now they had to explain to their mama what happened and why they had no berries to give her. The story has a happy ending with a good little message to little ones. Sometimes good things happen when you least expect them to.

The book, I think, is appropriate for 3-7 year old’s. After reading the book to grandkids, pre school classes and little book fairs, it seems that this is the age group which becomes captivated by the story.

I’m hoping that in addition to a sweet story, the book could demonstrate that anyone can try to share their stories  and their art with others. While the book is available online through many bookstores, as well as places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Ingram Spark.

I’m hoping to have it purchased by libraries, pre and elementary schools, as well as various children’s’ festivals. I have children’s gift shops and very nice farm stands that either have blueberries or cows taking an interest in the book.

I’m a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in printmaking with a concentration in stone lithography from Syracuse University and a Masters of Education degree from Rutgers University.

I taught high school art for 38 years in Flemington, NJ at Hunterdon Central Regional High School. My biggest thrill was reaching kids who thought they had no artistic ability. The student who was amazing in art was always wonderful to have in class but my greatest joy was hearing the students who didn’t think they were capable of producing any art all of a sudden saying, “ I did it”! It doesn’t get better than that and to this day I remain friends with students who are now grandparents, which is a little difficult to get used to.

I’m a New Jersey girl at heart, born and raised in Jersey City and then the shore. While I now live with my husband and 4 dogs in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, my heart is in the Berkshires. Having taken so many trips there as a child, I loved the beauty of the land and the peace and calm of the area. And I especially love all the memories.

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