The Awkward Armadillo: A Mental Health Memoir

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I have this dream, a goal rather. I want to become a full-time author. Though, there are life events that I need to consider. Getting my books and author name out there. Figuring out the whole aspects of marketing, writing, and connecting. I have a step-by-step goal. At a minimum, in a few years, I would like to have at least 5+ books out there. In aspects of fantasy, poetry, and mental health-focused material. How in the world was I going to get there? 

What I will say is this, I released my first and only book(so far) back in January 2021. 

One of the hardest steps in writing is getting your story out there. There are so many individuals that want to become an author. Then the blank pages, the uncertainty of success, and let’s face it with our own self-doubt. 

The Awkward Armadillo” is a mental health-focused memoir that is a light read and yet speaks in truths of growing up with Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, Depression, and let’s face it life’s awkward moments. I wanted to keep my story relatable, fun, and yet heartfelt through my journey in this world. My book went through three drafts, editing, and multiple breaks. With all of this being said, and with some beer-my book took three years to complete from day one to releasing my book on Amazon. 

There were months I went without writing, and I almost let my depression win. Sometimes I felt like I should just delete my entire story. Why do I feel like I can write a book? Here is the thing, it isn’t just about mental health. Yes, there are so many stories out there. Many stories involve vampires, dragons, romance, llamas(wait, is there a fantasy llama story out there?), and so forth. 

The biggest difference? YOU. Your story is not out there yet. Your sight in life, storytelling, character development, humor, etc. is not out there. I believe everyone has a story to tell. It is a matter of just telling your inner monster that they do not drive the wheel to your story. My Mental Health memoir took me longer than I wanted. I have it done, though. It can take time to find your bearings, the important thing is to keep developing. Write everyday no matter what. Even if you are drawing a blank on your first story. Try a poem, write about a random dream you have, but just let the words flow and practice. 

As a first-time author, I can tell you one of the hardest things is the push to keep writing. The push to write and notice “wow, I need to fix that” and keep going. Go back to it later. Work and develop on your story, and take notes of what you like or dislike later. I released “The Awkward Armadillo” back in January 17th 2021. 

I felt relief and yet worried. My story was out there, a relieving, heartfelt story with my own unique voice. I have sold 70+ books, and you know what? I refuse to let it stop there. Will I always have anxiety, depression, and just general awkwardness? Yep. You bet I will. However, I will not let my monster take the wheel. My stories will not end here as I plan on diving into paranormal writing, fantasy, and some poetry. My hope for my memoir is to help people find their voice and acknowledgment that they are not alone in their fight. They are not alone in their self-doubt and to keep pushing in this world full of moments. 

My writing career does not end with “The Awkward Armadillo.” There will be down moments, but the biggest thing is to push through and know that your writing will continue to grow. Keep finding that fire-but don’t be clumsy and burn down your story. Not speaking from experience! Just simply saying, keep the fire burning and find your voice in writing the stories you want to write. Keep fighting, writing, and connect through the writing and Authors lounge community. 

You can check my book out by clicking here, which will take you to Amazon.

As for my socials, you can visit my Facebook Profile or you could just search my name “Aimee Larson.”

I also have an author profile everyone can take a look at.


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