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       Life has many obstacles that can hinder joy but for this time of year, reflect on the things that we have. We have each other and for those that are alone there is One that filled the void in me. He is our Father and our Mother, our Brother and our Sister in Spiritual form. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the Morning.” Most of us will just go with that, BUT the beginning of that verse reads: “For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life:” KJV. PSALMS 30:5. With that being said, let’s break it down plainly. Troubles come for a time and sometimes suffering last longer than we want it to. There is a clear indication that when the time has passed, we will be thankful because whatever suffering it is, it has or will end. We have mobility, eyesight and a right mind to go about the day but there are people that lose these every day.  We have another day to live. So, live my Brothers and Sisters live and be thankful for what you do have.

POEM: 74 page 86.


There are so many things around us to be thankful about. I’m so thankful I could just shout! Shouts joy echoing through my lungs. Remembering our Savior on the cross as he hung. There’s appreciation for everyday things. I am thankful to be alive just like the birds all day when they sing. I’ve learned not to expect but to wait and see what life will bring. It’s made up of the same thankfulness that a wife has when her husband buys her a ring.

I’m thankful for the flowers nor can I forget the bees. I’m thankful for this hour because I’m still able to breathe. Many days I’ve noticed the clouds rolling through the sky. If I have a task to complete, then I’m thankful just to try. I am thankful for all things that bring joy because I care. For this I’ll stay thankful and thankfulness I will share.

                                                                                                By, Alan Alston Sr

Mostly, I am thankful that I have a choice in the matter of my life. I can choose life or death. I can die bitter or live thankful. I choose the latter! We as humans worry about what to eat and drink daily but the animals in the wild depend on their survival instincts to find the necessities to live. I must choose to use my survival instincts to press onward so that the troubles that I experience won’t trap me into depending on others to fix my situation. It’s my personal duty to be thankful for my daily bread if it just a slice and not the loaf. I will accept what I see in the mirror, embracing what I do have and taking my attention off what I don’t posse. We have Character,Integrity and a Personality that is unique, which are enough to be thankful for. Let no one tell you that you don’t have what it takes. Why would you accept other opinions, as Law?

Thankfulness says I am happy with what I have inside me and satisfied with what I have on the outside. “Me!” I am thankful to share what is on the inside of me with you. This journey of publishing my poetry has been a surreal journey because the content of my poetry has substance which is more valuable than money. I give myself from a loving and encouraging perspective. Sharing love has been my personal goal so I am thankful for all those that have read or will read what I have to offer this cruel world. There is Life in His favor, so be encouraged because you inspire me to keep up the pace. Thank you that I have someone to share with.

Love and Blessing, Sincerely.               Alan Alston Sr.


  1. Navaeh

    It’s always important to be thankful everyday. Wonderful blog, Mr. Alan.

    • Justin

      True. There’s always a reason to be thankful everyday. If there isn’t a specific thing to be thankful for, having another opportunity to live should be enough.


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