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Looking back at my life it is amazing that I made it though it.. I have been in 4 serious car accidents where I walked away. I have fell off bridges and broken bones. I’ve overdose more that 5 times. I’ve tried suicide several times but I managed to walk away.

There are so many others things that happen in my life that it is a miracle I’m still alive. I know you probably can say the same thing and now I ask the question, “why was I spared all those times when most of my friends are dead“, Its call Grace. Grace of God. He loves us so much that he spared us to carry on his good news. Every Addict has a great testimony if you can get it together. Once you give your life away to God then he will give you a testimony. You have to live it first before you know what it is. Most addicts have a testimony but it isn’t any effectual power until we give our life to God and his Son Jesus Christ. Remember you cant get to God without going through Jesus Christ. He is the Way Truth and Life and the door to salvation. My finances are finally starting to grow again. Man! If I could get back the money that I’ve spent on Drugs and alcohol I would be a Millionaire .

I remember one year me and my wife put it together how much I spent and it was around $56,000.00.Where the money came from I couldn’t tell you but I’m still paying on One credit card as we speak. I’m not rich so I’m still amazed where all that money came from. Never owed anyone, except the bank and credit cards. I worked for drugs for a long time. Every check would go to drugs and alcohol. I lost many jobs due to drugs and I had it made on some of the jobs.

I can say I was blessed with work jobs. I guess looking back 30 years of using I was blessed and was took care of for some reason. Then when I got my life together and had the spiritual awakening I cried for days, I really began to accept I was a addict and bi-polar disease. Now what do I do about it. I gave my life over to the care of Jesus Christ and he directed me what to do.

First I had to find a church, I had to join the church and be there when the doors were opened. So, that is what I did. I still felt like I was doing all this in vain because of the medication I was on. But the word of God made it clear to me that medication was good for me. The word says seek counseling and I did again. I finally gave my life to Jesus Christ the best that I knew how and he washed me and made me clean, He forgave me for all my sins and became liken a brother that loved me .Iv been clean now for quite some time. I have relapse 2 times but I got up shook the dust off held my head up and continued on my spiritual journey. Now the triggers and thoughts are vanishing away and its like I never had a problem with drugs. WRONG! I think about drugs and alcohol every day it is a battle to stay clean but the battle is sweet.

My testimony to you today is that Christ is alive and real. He holds the future in his hands. He knows what you been through and what you are going through and what you are going to go through. You cant hide from him. There will come a day that Jesus Christ will come back to earth to judge the wicked, my friend I don’t want to fall into judgment of eternal fire. I will repent now and give my life away to Christ now xo that I will not be judged . I want to live a good and honest Life but I cant do it without someone directing my way and his name is Jesus Christ, May the Living Christ anoint you with his holy spirit that you can live a great testimony before God and man,

TheApathetical Man
Gregory martin McLeod
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