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Hello, “Authors lounge.”

It’s still quite cool here. Who can predict our weather, it’s always so unpredictable in Minnesota! So, what does an aspiring self-employed writer do in these parts? Can you guess? Not too hard to figure out. Yes of course, the task of being creative with the writing. The theater too captures this one’s writing fever. Why not come and explore the many art forms in Minnesota?

I’d like to share on how this career all got started. A birthday gift, an inspirational book from my only daughter, is what inspired my writing. My Mother’s passing also brought out this gift from heaven. That’s all it took. I felt the need to write. The aim is to pass it on and is always about uplifting and inspiring others. That year was surely heartfelt. It brought new inspiration and the newness of all things. The words amazingly flew from my fingers on to the keyboard of my computer. I wrote poems and then my first inspirational story. It was published. Many blessings came from writing this book. First, I give God the glory for being able to achieve the title as “Author.”

As I watch our miniature horses run around their pen, kicking up their heels in unison, they never seemed to mind whatever the weather. The freedom and peacefulness they seem to possess uplift my spirit. Plus, I might add, they are also watching. The horses’ you’ll find standing in a row each morning. They are waiting to spot yah through the window. They know your schedule. Go ahead, lift the window, you can always expect quite the greeting. You’ll be sure to hear their whinny. What smiles and laughter they bring, how can one not be inspired by them?

I know that I’m sticking to the writing. It’s what keeps me going. God had a plan, and he’s kept it all growing. Recently, as screenwriter. I’m writing for film. The plan is for the big screen. I thank God so much for all this. He really is the one on how my writing career all got started.

My first book, ANGEL AND LOVE CAME DOWN, was released December of 2014. My husband and I traveled to different cities and rural towns. There were so many book signings. We met new and talented friends. This first book has up-lifted and inspired others as I have heard. Not to forget, a copy or two was paid forward. It made our local paper and the large city Sunday paper. This ANGEL book has been more then I could ever fathom.

I was inspired to write a second book. TEDDY GET OFF THAT MOUNTAIN is a children’s Christian inspirational book that transpired from watching the horses in their pen. As the story goes, I will share this with “Author’s lounge” in hopes it sparks your interest. This book will be sure to add humor to you and especially to your child’s day. It all began like this, “Just as I bent over to gather the corn, a burst of wind caught the door, and it slammed the door shut with a loud bang!” It’s a cold spring day as Kory heads out to give Teddy, his beloved horse, and his friends a snack. Read along to find out how Kory and pancake, the big orange cat, turn this simple chore into a humorous fun filled adventure. The readership is for eight to twelve years of age. This TEDDY GET OFF THAT MOUNTAIN book is also a great fit for all ages!

The blessings kept and keep flowing. Reader’s Magnet had gotten wind of TEDDY GET OFF THAT MOUNTAIN book. It soon made its way internationally with their help. TEDDY book arrived at Bologna, Italy’s Book Fair April of 2017. We also had the awesome privilege of meeting many more authors and new friends. It’s been a blast at our local summer events. Teddy made quite the stir at our local parade. We couldn’t count all the kid’s and people laughing. TEDDY GET OFF THAT MOUNTAIN will get you laughing too! You never know what this Teddy boy will do. Be sure to grab a copy from Amazon and Reader’s Magnet publishing. A huge thank you to “Author’s lounge” for inviting me. It’s a great place to network.

Thank you,

Another story! Author Judy Catherine [email protected] 218-298-2093

God be the glory!


  1. Claire

    Teddy Get Off That Mountain is a really good book for kids to learn more about God

    • Zoe

      i really love the artwork


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