Tapped Yet Unrooted

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I am Author J.E. rome.

Born Jerome E. Ellis Jr., raised in the City of Worcester Massachusetts, mentally/athletically gifted, ‘n a flat out lyrical miracle with the pen. For I.. AM.. a Poet. (:

..and I have a story to share that’s unlike any other poetry book you’ve ever read!!  My goal is to let anybody who’s ever felt like they were alone in this (often cruel) world know that I am here with them. Through ALL OF IT!  The more I’ve spread this message, the more people I’ve realized have felt the exact same way that I had at one point or another, and since thanked ME for sharing my experiences with them. But that’s not enough. There are millions of people in this world that need to know, that need to feel, that need to be reassured that they aren’t alone.

You see..

After a multitude of Social Media comments/messages that reiterated the sentiment “You should write a book!”, I decided to give it a shot.   At one point writing over a hundred full length poems about everything (and honestly nothing) someone asked me: “Who is your target audience?” A question which totally changed the course of this book, and the dynamics of my once dysfunctional family. 


As I was dealing with some of the worst “interactions” I’d ever dealt with from those that I loved most in this world, I reached my breaking point. I started writing ANGRILY.. “Sentence enhancers” flying out of my ballpoints tip.  The more I wrote, the angrier I got. As I forced myself to mentally relive episode, after abusive episode, after drunken episode, that I’d once forced myself to forget.  And MAN.. did I remember!! Damn near everything. Now, many tears, anxiety attacks, sleepless nights, and an ambulance ride later, I bring to you my memoir. My life’s story. My unapologetically written journal.  In poetic format.

This book was written for  YOU.

YOU who felt forced to hide behind SILENCE.

YOU who witnessed your fair share of VIOLENCE.

YOU who were failed by ancestral GUIDANCE.

YOU who ponders permanently closed EYELIDS.

To those of YOU who were turned away, when

YOU finally found the courage to speak out,

by the person in which YOU had CONFIDED.

YOU that’ve cut, binged, purged, regurged,

repeated, ‘n submerged, all of your self—worth

in the belief that you were ultimately birthed

jus’ to remain regretfully quiet—LIKE “I” DID . . .

“HE” did . . .

“THEY” did . . .

“WE” did!

We’re ALL in this TOGETHER!


YOU who’s ever said,

or felt, that y’boy was

truly destined towards

somethin’ G R E A T . . .

My sincerest apologies

for showin’ up so late.

Never meant t’make you wait.

I’ll forever appreciate the faith.


Without further ado . . .



Can toxic family secrets ever be forgiven or forgotten? J.E. Rome’s raw, visceral poetry is a personal and chronological journey through the hell of growing up in a dysfunctional family where when bad things happen, there’s no one to blame but yourself. Rome faces the skeletons in the closet head on: from childhood trauma, abuse, and parental neglect to the soul-ravaging effects of poverty and addiction.

Graphic and hard-hitting, this unforgettable memoir, structured as a collection of poems, takes you through the darkest places of the human heart to the light of hope and truth.

My goal is to change the way most people view poetry.  To show them why I love it so much, while engaging each reader right where it counts.. In their hearts.  My journey is much like anyone else’s. The only difference being that I’ve decided to let it all out of my mind to forever live on paper. No longer will I carry the burden of truth in my head. No longer will I allow my mind to tear me down (physically and mentally) from the inside. Everything that’s ever caused me mental anguish now dwells in the form of a book.  Every poem is a story. Every story leads to the next. Literally, from sperm to twenty fifteen. Just waiting for the world to show it the love that it deserves. To realize that we’re all the same (in one way shape or form). To know that I bared my soul, while risking it all, in order to (hopefully) give you peace of mind.. knowing that you have me. Knowing that you’re not alone.. and that you’ve never been.

Amazon Publishing Center said:

“Prepare to embark on an emotional journey through the depths of a dysfunctional family’s secrets with J.E. Rome’s powerful and poignant poetry. This award-winning finalist in the Narrative category of the 2021 Best Book Awards, sponsored by American Book Fest, delves deep into the heart of trauma, abuse, neglect, poverty, and addiction that plagues so many families.In “Tapped Yet Unrooted,” Rome courageously confronts the demons of their past, revealing the raw and unfiltered reality of growing up in a toxic environment where blame and shame run rampant. Through the stunning imagery and evocative language of Rome’s poetry, readers will feel the weight of each experience and be moved by the courage and strength it takes to face such dark truths.This memoir in verse is a must-read for anyone who has ever struggled with the effects of family dysfunction or addiction, or who has felt the weight of carrying secrets that are too painful to bear. So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery, pick up “Tapped Yet Unrooted” by J.E. Rome on Amazon now.”

Please follow me on my journey.

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