Tales Of Good and Evil, by Laura Jean Lysander

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I have never written an article before about any of my Indie Novels at all, mind you, and when Author’s Lounge’s Elizabeth Schultz messaged me on Twitter it threw me; but here I am and here it goes, so bear with me…Tales Of Good and Evil was inspired by and a spinoff of a previous Fantasy Humor, Mixed Modern day Fairy Tale Love story Novel I had published earlier, In Your Dreams

It takes place about fifteen or so years after the ending of that Tale and includes the main characters of it, interwoven with younger yet related characters as well, which grow up within the span of the book’s timeline. The action that is now occurring where they are, which is the “Magical World,” is a highly esoteric and mysterious dimension or level of time that exists and is symbiotic with our time, “the Other Tyme” of our present-day existence; the story moves back and forth between both levels or worlds. Its inhabitants live without modern tech luxuries, yet magic can create what it is lacking; it is full of Noble, esoteric Knights with idyllic, divine yet comedic antics and occult powers, male and female, Tyrannic Kingly rulers and evil Sorceresses, and it is all held, woven together by bonded, true love couples from each dimension who’s love keeps it all living and alive; this is a fairy tale adventure gone humorously rampant with musical additions of songs. shapeshifting spells; battles, and buffoons… are all here; True love and Green-eyed monsters as well.

I believe anyone over the age of thirteen or more who has interests in Fantasy lore, Knights, Dragons, Magic, and humorous mayhem and of course, true love will enjoy it. I wrote it with not too much of an age barrier in mind. It was written during the span of the pandemic and published as well then, for pure enjoyment and for those who need a bit of magic, diversion, adventure, romance, and dreams to come true in their lives, for I think we all do need that…from time to time. It was also written as I was learning and receiving my  Level 1, 2, and Mastership Reiki classes and Certificates, so you will see some of what I had learned sprinkled in there as well.

I’m planning on writing at least one more installment or Novel in this series, as hinted at in the ending of the second book after I finish editing one of my other projects that really need work. It would be for me a dream come true or give me the rib-tickle and twinkle of a lifetime to ever see it done animated or with a Film version, as with all my Novels and projects I have that in mind for them, for I am a lover of Films and Film Media, and live Musical Theatre for I have studied and performed in Theater shows. But if it makes one person crack a smile or tear beside me, it’s done its duty.

Tales Of Good Evil Volume 1: The Banished Cryptids

Tales Of Good And Evil Volume 2: The Valiant Quest


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