Sugar With A Pinch of Spice by Diamantina Browdy

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Sugar With A Pinch of Spice is a poetry book packed with motivational and inspirational poetry; it also adds a little spice giving you the erotic side of poetry. Sugar With A Pinch of Spice is sure to have you on the edge of your seat! It perks up your imagination enticing you in all the right places. Sugar With A Pinch of Spice will also motivate you and inspire you when you need an encouraging word.

Poetry is so mystifying that everytime you read it depending on your mood for that day, these poems can mean something different from the last time you read it; which is why I love writing and reading poetry so much!

I chose to write this book as a way of challenge myself to do something I had never done before; which is self-publish a book. I didn’t know the first thing about publishing; but with researching and asking questions of other self-published authors, Sugar With A Pinch of Spice was born. I challenged myself to write a poem everyday, this was due to because every day there are new challenges you face in life and I wanted to capture that on paper. The spicy side well that was just my imagination running wild!

I as an author want my readers to feel motivated and leave them with that extra boost of being and feeling seductive. I launched Sugar With A Pinch of Spice in 2017; have been marketing and branding this book ever since. Sugar With A Pinch of Spice falls under my company, Royalty After Dark, LLC; a erotic book store coming soon. Sugar With A Pinch of Spice is for the grown and sexy; mature minds only.

I see my book becoming New York’s number one best seller for poetry cause it gives you both sides of poetry; motivational and erotic. You can currently find Sugar With A Pinch of Spice online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I am not only write poetry but I also write short scripts for film and TV. One of my short film titled,”The Gift”, won log-line of the year; was very excited about that accomplishment. “The Gift”, is a drama romance in which a wife’s love for her husband has no boundaries when it comes to having a happy family; she only wants one thing to give to her husband, a baby of their own. This film is truly a tear jerker ; with high emotions running throughout. I am working on pitching this short to Netflix so that millions of people can watch from the comfort of their own home.

I look forward to being recognized as not only a writer/author, but also as an outstanding actress and singer in the entertainment world. I have performed throughout the Houston, Texas area and other cities as well. I have done numerous stage play and independent films; also got the opportunity to be on a professional movie set. Singing is my first love, I started out singing. I have performed in such talent competitions such as, The Sammy Davis Jr. Talent Expo, numerous shows whether it be at an event or bar and lounge, you name it I performed there.

I also do live spoken word shows with my erotic style of poetry story telling; my spoken word is unique and audiences love it! I just recently participated in my first slam poetry event and got all 10s across the board in the first round; i was so proud of me.

I look forward to expanding my skills empowering and motivating people worldwide. I love helping others for I believe this world is big enough for everybody to make it! Sugar With A Pinch of Spice jaw dropping poetry that is sure to have you on the edge of your seat, you will not be disappointed.

Happy Reading.


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