State Park by Joan Enockson

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“State Park” is the first book in a new series, Adventures with Grandma Biker, which focuses on a boy and his adventures with his fun, motorcycle riding grandmother.

The umbrella theme of the series is to teach kids about practicing their civic responsibilities and patriotism, all while nurturing healthy multigenerational relationships. This series is filled with important patriotic events and new everyday experiences perceived through the eyes of a ten year old boy, who is picked up by his exceptional grandmother on the back of her motorcycle.

The inspiration to write this book (series) came during the summer of 2021, when my husband and I rode our motorcycles across Iowa to the Mississippi River.

You see, I myself am a motorcycle riding grandmother, and as I was riding I was trying to think of a unique new idea for a new book. In Iowa, motorcyclists are very patriotic and most go out of their way to help people and take care of their environment. That mindset got me thinking about all of the things I wanted my grandchildren to learn and experience. The result was to combine the concepts altogether.

I am a teacher and work with all ages. The age group of students from second grade through fourth grade is an innocent time filled with wonder and excitement.

Their reading skills are taking off and they become sponges for knowledge. It is also the time when they really start making decisions about what kind of a person they want to be when they grow up. What they are exposed to at this age molds and shapes their character. I wanted to expose them to simple, but important truths about being a good citizen.

Ultimately, I hope that readers get excited when they go through the experiences that the main character does.

How do you know about anything unless you’re taught? In this book I teach the value of knowing that you are a citizen of any group you are a part of: family, school, community, town, state, country. Then, when you realize you are a citizen of something, it then becomes your responsibility to take care of it and support it.

In “State Park”, Grandma Biker teaches Percy to practice picking up trash in a state park, help someone find a lost dog, and reach out to support a veteran they encounter. I ultimately hope that kids decide to take action as citizens and patriots.

My future goal for this book is that it becomes well known as foundational reading material for students.

I would love to see this entire series become a “must have” for every school district in the nation. It is important that our students not be ignorant about what it means to practice our citizenship and patriotism. If they can learn more about that through the adventures a boy has with his motorcycle riding grandmother, then my purpose has been achieved!

I never dreamed of being a writer. Music was my passion.

I grew up on a dairy farm in Washington State and most of my childhood was spent in the barns singing to the animals. I never dreamed of being a teacher, either, but it was the path presented to me. College brought me to Iowa and I continued living the small town rural lifestyle.

Teaching for me, transitioned from teaching music to teaching the talented and gifted students. But, ultimately, teaching morphed into helping kids learn the truth of life. Until I found out what my calling truly was–loving kids and helping them be successful humans–did the stories begin to pour out. I still can’t believe I’m an author of children’s books. Of one thing I’m certain, this journey is bigger than me.

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