Spiritual Healing by Eric Alsterberg

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Healing and Transformation is a book about spiritual healing by Eric Alsterberg.

Author and psychologist Eric Alsterberg believes in combining spiritual healing and therapy in healing the body, the mind, as well as the soul. A book on spiritual healing by Eric Alstergberg entitled Healing and Transformation published over a decade ago has greatly contributed not only to the advancement of clinical psychology. It has also provided fresh new insights in dealing with patients and people suffering from emotional wounds and traumas of the past.

On Healing and Transformation 

In his book, Healing and Transformation, Dr. Eric Alsterberg emphasized the importance of spiritual healing in overcoming adversities and pursuing your dreams. Often, it is our past and present outlook that is holding us back from our desired goals and from healing old wounds and traumas. Eric Alsterberg notes that unless we accept our current reality and decide to build a more intimate and meaningful relationship with God, we can never really move forward and live a meaningful existence. He reminds us all that we are all spiritual beings with human experiences, and therefore it is only right that we take care of our spiritual welfare. That includes spiritual healing and pursuing a spiritual journey, one that is strongly attached to God. By healing spiritually, we experience unconditional love, complete forgiveness, and free of prejudice.

“We have a spiritual ego and a psychological ego that keep us trapped in dysfunctional patterns of thought and behavior. The spiritual ego promotes separation, differences, and spiritual pride that becomes the antithesis of walking a true spiritual path. The psychological ego prevents us from healing the emotional wounds and traumas we experience in life, preventing us from creating a path of joy, seeing harmony and unity in all, and progressively learning to walk the spiritual path. Ultimately both ego prevents us from increasingly choosing who we are and who we want to be, moving beyond the illusions of separation and limitation, and toward unity and spiritual transformation, or ascension.” (excerpt from Eric Alsterberg’s Healing and Transformation: Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary)

Healing and Transformation: Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Healing and Transformation: Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary by Dr. Eric Alsterberg is a self-help book published in 2009. It is considered a revolutionary manual that will inspire readers to recognized and absorb the voice of God. That voice speaks to us and invites us to embark on a spiritual journey. It is a valuable book that is filled with wisdom, experience, and encouragement. Healing and Transformation: Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary promises to guide you in forming a better relationship with yourself, the people around you including your community, country, and the whole world.

About Dr. Eric Alsterberg

Dr. Eric Alsterberg, Ph.D. is an author, clinical psychologist, and a certified hypnotherapist from Michigan State. As a licensed clinical psychologist, Alsterberg has over 30 years of practice. He has experience working with many types of patients including kids, adults, individuals dealing with emotional traumas, as well as those with substance abuse issues.

As a certified hypnotherapist, Alsterberg combines metaphysical and spiritual approaches in his practice. He also performs clinical hypnosis and memory regression. Vision hypnosis is something that Dr. Alsterberg introduced to his patients in the hopes of communicating with spirits of dead relatives, angels, and spirit guides. 

Dr. Eric Alsterberg is an active member of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (the Edgar Cayce Foundation), the Astara Mystery School, and the Reconnection, Eric Pearl healing technologies.

To know more about spiritual healing, Dr. Eric Alsterberg, and his works, you can grab a copy of his book Healing and Transformation: Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary, or visit his website today.


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