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Spiritual Healing 101 Many family, friends and clients do not necessarily want to delve into the spiritual healing and channeling realm that I practice, but are interested and would like a quick overview and some facts on “what is going on with all this healing and psychic business”.

I wrote “Spiritual Healing 101” to remove some of the mystery and to quench your curiosity about the subject. This book explains some of the jargon and philosophy behind what we healers do and why we bother. Many practitioners have different philosophies, ways and means of healing and channeling, and this little book represents my views mostly. 

If you come upon conflicting information – that information is most likely also correct, as there are many ways to approach what we do. I wish you good health and hope you find my excerpts helpful, enlightening and healing.

About Energy Workers Spiritual healers, also known as Energy Workers, typically have a positive attitude and calm, non-judgmental demeanor. They have spent years balancing chakras and grounding their spirit, getting emotionally healthy, and it is reflected in their daily living. Overview on Healing There are many healing modalities, the most recognized being Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee). Reiki is a hands-on healing process in which the practitioner places his/her hands on the chakras of the client to ‘import’ healing energy from a Higher Power.

Many healers include other modalities (types of healing) in their regimen to enhance the session. A few examples of other healing modalities are: Mariel, Shamballa and Attunement. All healing modalities work and the process is always about moving light and/or energy through the body for healing. Healers think of themselves as a vehicle for higher beings (also known as God, angels, guides) and feel a commitment to spread positive energy and light in an effort to rid the world of negativity and darkness. Some are religious, many are not – they are spiritual. They believe in higher beings but do not follow an organized religion.

Training allows healers to recognize, call upon, and manipulate spiritual or Universal energy and light. They are sometimes referred to as light or energy workers. Healers do not take the credit for healing, it is given to a Higher Power. They will take credit for knowing what to do and how to present the information you need and are grateful for the gift and skill. Healings can be physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual or even financial, and do not always manifest immediately. Healers remind clients that their work is not a replacement for medical care and many times suggest a doctor be seen.

Healers strive to bring a sense of well-being and enlightenment. If it is not in a client’s chart to be healed, a healing session will bring peace, understanding and strength. Most healers are also psychic, intuitive and channel. Many provide reading services, which is information channeled from a Higher Power or other realm (angels, spirit guides, or passed-on relatives). Readings are usually accurate, although information is subject to change based on the client’s ability to control the situation or change the outcome. For example, if information is received that a person will live a very long, happy life, but then abuses him/herself with bad habits – the long, happy life prediction can change.

It is important to mention that the Universe will not give healers/readers information that the client should not have. Those concerned about having a reading, should not fret – you will not receive any information from your reader that you should not have. If you think that you have been given bad news, the good news is that you have been given the opportunity to change the outcome by free will and making a different decision.


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    I have found a friend in a book.

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    Exactly. I have recommend this book to my friends and relatives too.


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