Spikey the Hedgehog by Shelly Mack

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My name is Shelly Mack. I am an author of three picture books and one colouring and activity book. I started writing after the inspiration came from my two young daughters. My books help to teach and encourage children. They are aimed at age group two – eight. I have another picture book in production which will be focusing on anti-bullying, in the form of a dinosaur tale, and I am also currenting working on a young adult fantasy fiction novel.

My most recent picture book is entitled, Spikey the Hedgehog: The Big Accident. This book was written as an aid for potty training but done in a way where children will not realise that. It is a story about a loveable hedgehog who enjoys eating too much. On his first day of school, he is late, and it results in a very big accident.

It deals with the shame children feel when going through this life altering experience and gives them an unexpected coping mechanism. It also teaches that help will always be given and inspires friendship.

My children went through tough times with potty training in pre-school as have many kids and I wanted to write a story for children that would encourage them to understand, accidents can happen. They will be helped and cared for, and that these things happen to others.

This book has been very popular, and the feedback has been wonderful. It has been a joy to hear from other parents that it is helping their little ones in the way I intended.

I now have a YouTube channel as well, which follows my book journey and our family adventures. Please subscribe to Shelly Mack and join us on our journey.

I love writing for children and will continue to do so. I have fourteen stories written and all planned out in a time line. For all the fans of Harry Potter, watch this space for my novel, which is coming soon. I look forward to the future of Shelly Mack Books and mostly love having fans that want to read more.

You can find me across all social media platforms @shellymackbooks and the links for my book, Spikey the Hedgehog are, https://amzn.to/34qSlmT for UK and https://amzn.to/35yr5lB for the US. All my books are available on Amazon.

I want to thank Authors Lounge for reaching out to me. You have a wonderful website and it is a privilege to write along side such esteemed company. Please have a look at my website and subscribe to my mailing list for all updates on book news and blogs. The website is, www.shellymackbooks.co.uk.

I’m Shelly Mack from Scotland. I write picture books and currently working on a young adult fantasy fiction novel. I love writing and reading. Escapism for me, will always come in the form of a book.



  1. Colin Mackenzie

    This book, along with Shelly’s other publications are excellent. Moral stories with super illustrations.

    • Beki

      These books are great. My family loves them and they are the first choice for bedtime stories. I’m so excited to add any upcoming books to our little library.

      • Laura

        Lovely stories for children. Looking forward to what’s coming next.

    • Cindy Mackenzie

      Excellent books which our grandchildren love. Shelly comes across as an enjoyable person and great with kids. We are looking forward to your next book. 👍

    • Bronwyn

      We love all of your books! Our favourite is Spikey The Hedgehog.
      My little boy always picks this one out at bedtime. Cant wait to get the new activity book. I think i may have to get it for myself too😂

  2. Fla

    My kids love the Shelly Mack books and I’m looking forward to reading them the anti-bullying story.
    A novel coming soon too, can’t wait.

    • Jo

      Shelly’s books are fun, inspiring and educational all at the same time. Wonderful bedtime stories for my kids. I’m super excited for the novel!

  3. Kirsty

    Bought them for my friends little girl and they are amazing. Such a fun read with lovely life lessons for little ones!

  4. Colette Ducorroy

    Shelly Mack books are fun and educational. Her work is exceptional and her books are a pleasure to read to my children at bedtime.

  5. Steph

    Shelly Mack is such a talented children’s author, can’t wait to see what she has in store next.

  6. Sam ford

    Love love love Shellys books we sell them in our shop and they are very popular. Cannot wait for more xx

  7. Philippa

    Really lovely article, Shelly! Keep up the great work… Excited to hear more about your novel x

  8. Jade (Lockdownmum2020)

    Shelly, you are truly amazing! Not only have you provided me & Ariella with some beautiful, unique books to enjoy, you’ve also helped and supported me so much in everything and you’re always cheering us on! You’re so lovely xx

  9. LJ Young

    We have all three books that we read to our wee one. I’m sure when she is able to start learning to read on her own that these books will help that transition also. She loves the stories and pictures. I love she is learning about friendship , hygiene, team work, handling of embarrassment and supporting and sharing with others. Know she will love one about a dinosaur , look forward to reading it.

  10. Amy Sweeney

    I enjoy reading the books that have been published by shellymac as they talk about some of the important issues young children have to go through in life and how they can overcome any obstacles they have.


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