Book Feature – David Tuttle’s “Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales”

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David Tuttle shares his experiences in connecting with a psychic to communicate with the spirits from beyond. 

Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales

David Tuttle’s Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales is a book that takes readers to the author’s experiences with the supernatural. He received and ignored messages from other psychics until he was led to join a book writing class held by psychic James Van Praagh. On vacation, David took a chance to connect to a psychic for a fun reading and discovered something that changed his life trajectory.

A Self-Help Book

Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales is a self-help book that offers David’s wisdom on how he created a healthier and more peaceful experience in life. He was once a non-believer of the supernatural until he experienced it himself. This book serves as a guide for those people who need to find a more serene lifestyle and a good spiritual journey through connections and signs from spirit guides.

Real-Life Experiences

David Tuttle uses his experiences to connect with his readers. The book takes the readers into Tuttle’s perspective, reliving his life from the day he just tried connecting with a psychic for fun. This connection let him discover a way of seeing life from a different perspective. Using his knowledge and guidance from “the other side,” David and his family enjoy the wonder of life and the great possibilities ahead.

David wrote the book to mainly share how his life changed with a simple decision. He used to believe he was lacking hope for something. Because he is living the good side of the coin, he wants to share his story with those who are feeling hopeless at the moment.

Spirits, Energy, and Psychics

This book opens the idea about the existence and presence of spirits and supernatural entities around us. Readers will also learn about energies and vibes that should guide one to a better path in one’s life trajectory. David Tuttle also introduces the idea of Reiki, a technique for energy healing through gentle hand placement and movement guiding the flow of healthy energy.

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The book provides the author’s experiences in his spiritual journey. Through a connection with a psychic medium, he was able to receive signs from “the other side,” which led him to manifest good things in life. Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales will open up the readers’ minds to endless possibilities and positive thinking towards life. With positivity, one can always find happiness quickly.

Is the Book Worth Reading?

Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales is a unique take on supernatural memoir and self-help. It is worth anyone’s time trying to find answers to questions in life. Since the book is in the self-help genre, the reader can always learn new things in connection with energies and psychic connections.

Some people may find it odd because they don’t believe in the supernatural, but once they open the book, they will be compelled by David Tuttle’s recall of his experiences. Everything started with trying out new things for fun until he discovered something great and worthy of pursuing.

Buy your copy of the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the author’s website. Learn the ways of connecting your energy and psyche to the blessings from “the other side.”


Author David Tuttle is a former newspaper journalist and press agent for both the Ohio Secretary of State and an Ohio legislative caucus. Tuttle served in the U.S. Army as a combat medic. In addition, he also worked as a financial/insurance consultant (CLU/CHFC). Currently, he works as a Reiki master or preceptor, teaching students about energy healing. David is also fond of finding pleasure in energetic outdoor activities.


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