Society: The World In Which We Live by Jonathon Nazario

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About The Author

First off, we are going to talk about Jonathon Nazario, the seventeen-year-old author of the book Society: The World In Which We Live. He is a young author that takes mostly hard classes in his high school, but he never wanted to be an author or a writer, and still to this day he says that it just happened. Maybe he is naive for writing a self-help book, but people have told him otherwise (ambitious), and he is willing to risk it. He wants to major in Supply Chain Management and Logistics but currently will keep writing as he is working on a better self-help book to be a sequel and to continue his attempt to revolutionize the genre to create a combination that no one thought was possible. To make a product that truly works for everyone, does not matter if you like the genre or not it will be the book known throughout the country. Most people ask him about what inspired him and he gave the same answer until someone actually asked him the question and that answer was, “Why do I have to wait to do something? I have the knowledge and I’m willing to take an uphill battle for, not even fighting means you have already surrendered. You maybe test me but you will not break me.” Jonathon Nazario plays to get good at the game; so maybe he loses, but we all know where he will end up. He wanted this book to jump off the line but once they took off his blindfold he was already a lap down. Now it’s time for him to catch up, his information will spread like a virus. Either now or eventually, but what he knows is that he is trying and that he is learning; he knows that lightbulb will turn on eventually. The real question is just how long? He would rather work for that light to shine bright once rather for it to shine from the beginning, after all, claiming luck as a skill is great until your track record gets paved.

Book Summary

Now for the important part, his book is called Society: The World In Which We Live is a Self-Help Philosophical mix where it goes into his take on the world, but it highlights human behavior, education, and the business world. This is where a fair amount of people stop; what can this author know about business that other books don’t have? They do not have my perspective, I do not go as in-depth as what to invest in or direct patterns, but it highlights concepts; as to how and why the world works. If you never understand the problem, how can you hope to fix it? This book identifies issues and solves the common issues, but if you want to learn the most, look at what it does not say; everything is there for a reason. Maybe you need to watch a show twice to understand something in the plot thoroughly; this book is the same way. It’s made to break and rework your sense of self, make you think about your reasons, and truly understand that you are indeed the sum of your choices. Now this will evolve into a book series, and yes he says the second one is under works.

Reasons To Buy

People like the easy way to gain knowledge and that is the current trend of self-help books which have one major point where you spend the book justifying it and now that is great and all; it leaves little for creativity. He wrote a mix, making obvious lessons and confronting them directly while leaving hidden messages within everything since that mimics his adventure on the internet, anything simple he can find instant yet if he googles for something powerful, important, or relevant; Google shrugs its shoulders and gives information that is already known so that two options is the answer not on Google or was he searching for it incorrectly. So you adjust your glasses and take a second look with a different goal and you end up finding the answer since finding the answer is a skill that can determine output. He does not offer free taxi fairs, but if you look you might be able to find a MetroCard with one ride; it might not be exactly where you want to be but it is where you need to be to find your destination.

His Take On The Genre

Jonathon Nazario also made interesting design choices with the cover of his book titled Society: The World In Which We Live, he decided to not put his name on the cover so if he goes somewhere in life, it will not be because of his name to be stored on a shelf but rather to be read for the information. Which is why the only name on the book is on his quote on the back, it added a nice touch. That transitions to the spine now sure he could have written the name of the book on the side but he wanted it to be special so he did a color stripe of a star yellow so it can stand out and the next cover will build on that to ultimately create a brand message. 


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