Sky Watcher: A Shadow in Time by Heather Lynn

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Hello everyone and thank you Authors’ Lounge for the opportunity to share my story with your wonderful readers.

Sky Watcher: A Shadow in Time, is a story about courage, determination, friendship, and love, oh, and I almost forgot, all this comes with a sprinkling of magic.

Charlotte Harper leaves her home in 2012 with the hope of saving a possible ancestor from being hanged. Using only the strength of her Wiccan beliefs and the power within her stones, Charlotte travels to 1818 New York to await the arrival of Elizabeth. She is immediately befriended by the owners of the general store who offer an empty room and work to earn her keep. In no time at all, her knowledge of herbs is noticed and she is asked to take-over the empty apothecary counter.

Very quickly, she finds herself part of a tight circle of friends and happily immersed in early 19th century life. While many of the townsfolk find her to be a bit different, perhaps a little odd, she is generally well-liked . . . but there are those who would prefer to see her gone, whatever it takes.

From the beginning, her plan is to return home after saving Elizabeth, she does not belong in this time; but when love comes into her life, she realizes just how difficult that will be. When a good friend has, what can only be called a prophetic dream, her future begins to look uncertain. The stakes have risen. Charlotte must face the consequences of meddling with time even if it costs her everything.

Growing up I was always interested in the health sciences, enjoying physiology and pathology, and finished university with a BSc in Biology. Added to this knowledge, I was able to combine my interests in herbal healing, stones, the moon and of course, time travel and its paradoxes, making each an essential part of Charlotte’s personality and knowledge base. At the same time, I researched Wiccan beliefs and rituals, the ‘energies’ within stones, herbals and some Native American traditions. I learned some interesting things that I was able to incorporate into the story—little details that the reader might enjoy, without ever realizing they’d like to know. Of course, I would also hope that readers would feel that they’d made some new friends, friends they would miss when they got to ‘the end’.

This is the first story of the Sky Watcher Book Series and the beginning of Charlotte’s adventure. Classified as women’s fiction/historical fiction with romance, it was intended for a female audience 18+. However, I have had male readers tell me that they enjoyed the story and appreciated and related to Charlotte’s character and perspective.

I’m looking very forward to the upcoming release of, Sky Watcher: Déjà-Vu, the second installment of the series, coming this April. Together, these books will show us that there are those happenings in life that are not the result of our choices, that some events are simply inevitable.

I am quite certain there will more adventures for Charlotte and her friends, as we follow the threads that have been woven into the story so far . . .

As for the part about me, beyond writing? Well, I am a mother of 3 wonderful young men. This fall, I will celebrate 30 years of marriage. I enjoy time with my family, working in my garden, and time spent at my cottage, whether it be doing chores or basking in the sun, although I must confess, mosquitoes are not my friends! I am extra-inspired when I get the chance to do some writing at the cottage; something about the water and the trees—sunny day, rainy day, it makes no difference.

It has been an exciting journey as a debut author—and it’s not over yet!

For more information and updates, please visit my website

I can also be found @SkyWatcher_HL on twitter and Instagram.

Sky Watcher: A Shadow in Time can be purchased at Amazon and is available online everywhere.


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