Skateboarding and Children’s Books

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Skateboarding and Children’s books
The Author’s Lounge is a great place for Author’s to share about their books.  I’m grateful to be able to share about my books and part of my journey of becoming a Children’s book author and illustrator, I have two books published and working on my third book that will be titled “Super Dragon Skater Boy” I plan on donating 400 copies to kids in need once I get the book published, my goal is to raise the money through Go Fund Me and I am currently halfway to reaching the funding goal. More information about the project is on the website here
I’m writing this article about how skateboarding and creating children’s books relate to each other. I started skateboarding way before I imagined that I would be able to write and illustrate a book and actually get it published, I always had books to read as a kid and enjoyed going to the library to check out books on a regular basis. It was exciting for me to find new books and read my favorites. I started drawing when I was in grade school, it has been a good way for me to express myself for most of my life to this day along with writing. Skateboarding was the most exciting thing that I ever discovered, once I started skateboarding and learning tricks it became my favorite thing ever and it was all that I ever wanted to do, I’m still skateboarding every day and can’t live without it, skateboarding is amazing and makes me feel alive. Skating is such a great escape from reality and takes my focus away from the negative things that may be going on in my life, I realize that writing and drawing are very much the same, it gives me a positive creative outlet for my struggles along with a way to create something positive.  Skateboarding takes a lot of practice, patience, hard work and dedication, it’s a learning process, all of these things can be said about publishing a book, it takes a lot of practice and dedication to writing and drawing, all the hours of work put in to perfect the craft and to make it turn out just the way that feels right, going over drafts and proof reading, sometimes getting frustrated with the process, it’s definitely not easy to find a publisher or even to know how to go about getting a book published, I had no clue when I set out to get my first book published, I just did research and learned as I went along just like skateboarding. I had to try over and over to learn tricks, fall down, get back up and keep trying until I figured out the trick, it’s a process the same as putting together a book and figuring out how to get it published, there are many ways to go about it, just like skating, so many options and everyone has a different process when it comes to learning and being creative. The more time and effort put into it, the more it makes sense and comes together. I have been skateboarding for 30 years and there is always something new to learn or ways to progress, I feel like my writing and drawing can always improve as I continue working on it whether it’s for my books or other projects. It seems like from my first book to my second that I have made improvements throughout the process and I feel like my third book will be my strongest of the three, I have been working on it for a long time, revising the story multiple times and doing all of the illustrations to go along with it, I’m excited to put it out there for people to see once I can get it published, hopefully it will get a good response. I have had so much positive feedback and support for my first two books which I am truly grateful for. The opportunities that I have had to share my books with kids has been amazing, it’s really something I never imagined. I have been invited to share my books and speak to kids and families at schools, libraries, youth centers, skateshops and parks, I also got to do some skateboarding demos along with some of these presentations. It has pushed me to face my fears of public speaking and being in front of people, definitely not easy with my self doubt and insecurities but I find it very meaningful to be able to share positive messages and help inspire kids to follow their dreams through my books and skateboarding. I have struggled with a lot of things in my life just like everyone else, we all have struggles to overcome. Some people may relate to some of the things that I have been through so if I can help others by sharing my story and experiences then it is worthwhile to put myself out there and talk about it.  My books have many different elements to them, some kids might enjoy the drawings and the parts about skateboarding, other kids may relate to the part of making friends and having fun or overcoming obstacles or learning to follow dreams and not give up, I have many positive messages that I try to share in fun ways through my books, I feel like it’s important.  Creating books and skateboarding  are both amazing to me, I will continue with both and hopefully continue to share them with others in positive ways. Thank you to the AuthorsLounge for giving me the chance to share.
My skateboarding videos can be seen on  and Books available
Check out the Readers Magnet website AuthorsLounge for many other Author’s sharing about their books and story, I also have some other blogs/articles on there that I have written in the past

“Super Dragon Skater Boy” artwork by Jim Bates


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