Sistah Friends : No Love Lost

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Rekindling Love: A Second Chance at Romance for December Knight and Marcel Hamil

Sistah Friends follows four successful business women embarking on the journey of discovering relationships after business success. It navigated through the challenges of juggling business, family and friendship, all while trying to keep your life in order. Book one follows December Knight, or DK as her friends affectionately refer to her, a Physical Therapist who walked away from her one true love seven years ago and finds out he is in the process of divorcing.

She hopes that the time apart hasn’t diminished the love they once felt and hopes this is the opportunity she needs to right a wrong she made in the spur of the moment. Marcel Hamil, a soldier in the Army regretted not asking for December’s hand in marriage before announcing his departure for the military. Seven years had been much too long to be away from the love of his life and his daughter, but will he be too late to make things right?

From Wings to Words: How a Gathering of Sistah Friends Inspired a Storytelling Journey

I started writing this series one day as my sistah friends and I met up like we did every other Tuesday for $.50 wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. One day we just started talking about how our lives would’ve been had life gone the way we had intended for it to go and I decided I was going to write our stories how they should’ve went and the rest is history.

Embracing Familiarity: Finding Reflections of Friendship and Real-Life Experiences in the Series

When reading this and the other books in the series, my hope is that the reader can see the sense of family between the characters. Each book has real to life situations and circumstances I think we can all relate to one if not all of the situations each friend finds themselves in and it makes the reader feel like they are reading about themselves and their friends.

Coming Soon: A Festive Reunion with Sistah Friends – Updates and Insights from the Author

I’m currently working on “A Sistah Friends Christmas” releasing December 2024. After many requests from my audiences, I’ve decided to give them an update on their favorite group of friends. I’m a 36 year old mother of 3 originally from Southern New Jersey currently residing in Philadelphia PA.

Diverse Ventures: From Authorship to Advocacy – A Look into Be 4 Real Publishing LLC and 50 Leven Productions LLC

The Sistah Friends Series are just 4 of the 11 books I have published. Myself along with my husband have opened our publishing company, Be 4 Real Publishing LLC up to other authors including those of which are incarcerated. 

We love to inspire people to believe in what the write and if we can help make their dreams come true, we will definitely try. I also have a copywriting business, 50 Leven Productions LLC, I started in 2019 where I help others through my gift of writing. Some services I offer are proposal writing, business plans, resume and cover letters and so much more.


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