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The Underworlds series is about the titular realms, ten parallel dimensions that are linked together. No Way Back, Taken With a Dark Desire and Rejecting Destiny are the books of the Underworlds series.

ReadersMagnet reached out to me to express interest in my books, specifically Rejecting Destiny. The Underworlds books are Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy genre stories that I am extremely proud of, so I’d like to contribute to this effort.

No Way Back, More YA oriented than the rest, in the Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Taken With a Dark Desire, still some science fiction, but leaning more towards Dark Fiction.

 Rejecting Destiny, Mostly Dark Fiction mixed with some Science Fiction elements.

(Fourth book which is currently in progress. As of now, it will be the final installment in the Underworlds series.)

  • What are your books about?

My books tell the story of the Underworlds, ten parallel dimensions linked together by ancient Gates that have existed since the dawn of time. My main character, Denida, traverses these worlds in the pursuit of quelling chaos engulfing each of them, while also contending with each society’s unique sociopolitical struggles. Dark magic, power struggles, revolts, and mediocre leaders complicate his journey, but they pale in comparison to the infestation of demons and the sentient Darkness guiding them to spread malevolence that will only serve to strengthen it. Denida must overcome the issues plaguing these worlds and find a way to unite them if he wants to have any chance of fighting back against the demons. These stories detail his successes and failures on his quest to bring peace to the Underworlds.

  • What inspired you to write your books?

My three books (and someday, the fourth one) are inspired by ideas I first started to develop when I was eight years old. It took me many attempts to finally be able to write them down. My overarching story, as well as other influencing inspirations, changed over time with the introduction of new facets of my life. For example, in the second book, there is a demon that was inspired by my ex!

  • What is your target audience for your book?

My target audience would be young adult and adult readers who enjoy dark fantasy stories, but they’re quick, easy reads that are accessible to all readers.

  • What do you hope readers could get out of your book?

I just want them to enjoy the story, world and characters on their journeys.

  • What are your future goals/ plans for your book?

Rejecting Destiny set up the fourth (and possibly final) book in the series, which I am writing currently.

The story of the demons, Darkness, and chaos needs to come to an end eventually and I have had a set course since book one that I’m looking forward to finishing. I know what I want to write next too, which is different than the Underworlds series, but another story I have many good ideas for. I already started, but decided I needed to finish this tale first.

  • Add something more about yourself.

I love writing whether it is poetry or novels, however, I always wanted to tell this story and I finally found the drive to start completing my books a few years ago, in part due to a traumatic experience. I have had diabetes since I was 21. A few years ago, I had a low blood sugar attack, hypoglycemia, that left me paralyzed on right side from toe to face. As a result, I was completely mute for a few days. It took me the better part of a year to recover. Afterwards, I attempted to write again, this time in my second language, English, and I finally finished my first novel, No Way Back. Taken With a Dark Desire and Rejecting Destiny followed.

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