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Book Description ‘Shades of Shade’ is a coffee table book containing a collection of my poetry and original artwork illustrating the poems. The poetry is a depiction of life and short stories. The poetry also deals with difficult topics and taboo, that exists in some countries. These which has inspired me. In this book, I am hoping to shed some light and create a better world of understanding in some societies.

I have chosen to hire 13 artist from different countries around the world, showcasing their varied styles and mediums of art. These illustrations depict and demonstrate the base meaning of my poetry. I am hoping this book itself, becomes a piece of art.

Devika V. Watkins
Devika V. Watkins

My name is Devika Watkins. I was born on a little Island named Leguan which is in the Essequibo river, Guyana. Guyana is quite unique in its state. It is a part of the South American continent and also part of the Caribbean. Guyana identifies with the culture of the Caribbean because Guyana was once colonized by the British.

My life growing up was quite interesting. From birth to nine years old, I lived on the Island of Leguan. At the time there was no running water, electricity or paved roads. Life was very simple and beautiful. I moved to the city of Georgetown at nine years of age to attend High School, St. Stanislaus college. I failed every single subject when I wrote my CXC and GCE exams. My life was difficult with economic and social challenges. I remember the sheer frustration I felt upon seeing my school friends earn great jobs and careers, while I remained hopeless.

Through it all, my reading and writing took root. I migrated with my family to USA when I was 18 years old. I attended LaGuardia community College. I still remember the sheer hunger and joy I felt, being given a second chance to go back to school. At the time, I was working and studying full time. I have changed many jobs in my path to find myself. I began working in the Airline Industry in 1996 and is currently working as a Flight Attendant in an International Airline Company.

I have traveled vastly and have experienced many cultures and situations in my travels which inspires me. While working full time in the airline company, I also attended FIT in NYC on a full time basis to pursue a degree in Interior Design. This is where I found my calling. I was very inspired by the skill and vision of my professors and peers. Because of Interior Design, I have been inspired to write and produce ‘Shades of Shade’, which is a coffee table book containing my poetry and original works of art produced while working fulltime in the airline company.

“ You can check my book in my website at


  1. katrien Downing

    You Rock!!!

  2. Melissa

    Simply a beautiful way to discuss controversial topics. Poetry is truly my favorite medium of literature.

    • Christian

      Devika truly embodied how it should be as a poet.

  3. Savannah

    your poems are wonderful and the artwork really elevates them

    • Claire

      Correct! I aspire to do have the same someday.


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