Secrets of the Heart by Amanda Muse

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My name is Amanda Muse and I am from Corinth, Mississippi which is in the northeast corner of Mississippi.

I am a single mom to a fifteen year old boy with autism, whom I have homeschooled since 2019. We live in a rural area with our chickens, ducks, two dogs, three guinea pigs and a rabbit. My son is my reason for living and to whom I dedicated my book.

I wrote HB Ranch #1 Secrets of the Heart while sitting in the school car line, doctor office waiting rooms and late at night when the house was quiet.

It took five years to write this book because I wasn’t planning on publishing the book. But my good friend and editor plus accomplished author, Beth Hale, encouraged me to finish and publish Secrets of the Heart. This book was inspired by my love of murder mysteries and also a novel I wrote in my teens but never published.

I hope mystery lovers from youth to adult enjoy reading HB Ranch Secrets of the Heart.

I want the readers to be drawn into the lives of Melody Mancini, Hannah Keller and Lori Spencer. Also I want my readers to feel like a guest at HB Ranch and enjoy trying to solve the mysteries with the characters. I believe stories can take you anywhere you can imagine and I want to convey that in my books. I am also a firm believer in the story evolving and basically writing itself. Hope the readers to enjoy a naturally evolving plot that isn’t forced.

HB Ranch# 1 Secrets of the Heart opens to Melody Mancini in high school at Karney High School located in fictional Karney, Mississippi. Melody is the typical teenager. A cheerleader dating the star of the football team. But she discovers her boyfriend, Sean Keller and her best friend, Hannah Minor are having an affair.

Melody makes a decision to go to college and leave Karney to live in California.

She marries Hugh Beaumont, an abusive drunk. They have two girls, Lorelai and Lauren. After ten years, Melody is done with her life of abuse and after receiving an invitation to her high school reunion she makes a plan to leave her abusive husband and California. Melody, her girls, and her manny, Juan Delgado are flown back to Mississippi by Melody’s friend from Karney, Lori Spencer. Lori is a realtor by day and madam by night.

Upon returning to Mississippi, the group of friends stay at HB Ranch, which is owned by Hannah Keller and her cousin Brooke Minor.

Hannah is married to Melody’s ex boyfriend, Sean Keller. When Melody sees Hannah for the first time she immediately knows something is wrong with Hannah and the ranch. Hannah tells them she is being drugged by Sean and Brooke while they take over the ranch. She also says one of her sons is missing and she fears he is dead. Then the group is bombarded with murdered bodies and unanswered questions. Melody and Lori must save Hannah and solve the mystery behind the murders at HB Ranch with the help of the dark and handsome detective Connor Prescott. Will the friends save Hannah and solve the mystery?

HB Ranch #1 Secrets of the Heart has earned a five star rating on Amazon.

This book ends with a subtle cliffhanger therefore I have written HB Ranch #2 Blind Trust to wrap up the mystery from Secrets of the Heart. Blind Trust sums up the mystery and introduces even more interesting characters and mysteries to solve. Blind Trust will be released in September. Look for both books on Amazon.


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